Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Server Power Options

Select this option to change the power state or restart systems.

Table 1. Server Power Options. The following table describes the fields displayed in the server power options.
Field Description


Task Name

Provide a name for this server power options task.

Select the type

Select from the following options:

  • Reboot — Restarts the system without powering off.
  • Power Cycle — Powers off and then restarts the system.
    • NOTE: Make sure that the shutdown option is configured for the operating system before you perform a graceful shutdown using this option. If you use this option without configuring it on the operating system, it restarts the managed system instead of performing a shutdown operation.
  • Power Off — Powers off the system.
  • Power On — Powers on the system. This option works only on target systems that contain RAC.

Shutdown OS first

Select to shut down the operating system before executing the server power options task.

Task Target

Select a query

Select a query from the drop-down list. To create a new query, click New.

Select the device(s) for this task to target

Select the devices to which you want to assign this task.

Enable All Select to override the device capability and allow all the available devices for selection as task targets.

Schedule and Credentials

Set schedule

Select from these options:
  • Activate Schedule — Select this option to activate a schedule for the task.
  • Run now — Select this option to run the task immediately.
  • Set schedule — Select this option to set a date and time for the task to run.
  • Run Once — Select this option tot run the task on the planned schedule only once.
  • Periodic — Select this option to run the task frequently at specified intervals:
    • Hourly — Select this option to run the task once every hour.
    • Daily — To run the task once every day.
    • Weekly — To run the task once every week.
    • Monthly — To run the task once every month.
Range of Recurrence:
  • Start — To specify the date and time at which the task should begin.
  • No End Date — To continuously run this task based on the selected frequency. For example, if you selected Hourly, then this task continuously runs every hour from the start time.
  • End By — To stop the task at the specified date and time.

Enter User Name and Password

User Name — Provide in the format domain\user name or local host\user name.

Password — Provide the password.

Power On works only on target systems with iDRAC; use the IPMI credentials to perform Power On task.

If you selected Power On, then provide the KG key.

KG Key — Enter the KG Key. DRAC also supports IPMI KG Key. Each BMC is configured to require an access key in addition to user credentials. The KG key is prompted only for power-on task and not other power tasks because it is an IPMI task.

  • NOTE: The KG key is a public key that is used to generate an encryption key for use between the firmware and the application; and is available only on PowerEdge 9G and later systems. The KG key value is an even number of hexadecimal characters. In the format, yxxx, y denotes alphanumeric characters and x denotes numbers.

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