Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

System Update

Question: As an OpenManage Essentials administrator (OMEAdmin), what do I do if I am unable to perform system updates on devices?

Answer: To resolve this issue, perform one of the following steps:
  • Add the OMEAdmin to the server administrator group.
  • Reduce the user control settings by clicking Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings.

Question: What do I do if iDRAC does not download packages?

Answer: To resolve this issue, ensure that:
  • The default website is enabled in IIS.
  • The virtual folder ( install_packages) is present and is pointing to the SystemUpdate folder.
The default website is enabled in IIS.

Question: What order are packages installed on a system?

Answer: Packages are applied in the following order:
  1. Driver
  2. Firmware
  3. Firmware ES
  4. BIOS

Question: How do I configure Internet Explorer with Enhanced Security Configuration to ensure that OpenManage Essentials can utilize all features that use resources from Dell online?

Answer: To ensure that these features work in the Open Manage Essentials console on an environment with Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration enabled. The user needs to add * to the Trusted sites zone.

Import Catalog and System Update require internet access when the user selects Dell Online as the source.

The warranty report also uses Dell online resources to retrieve information and also will not return data without it.

Question: What if IPMI is disabled after installing BMC Utility?

Answer: Try restarting DSM Essentials Network Monitor Service, DSM Essentials Task Manager service, and restart IIS.

Question: What is Omremote?

Answer: Omremote enables you to execute remote Server Administrator command line tasks (inband) and also helps you to deploy Server Administrator on remote Dell servers. Omremote is an executable file that is located at C:\Program Files\Dell\SystMgt\Essentials\bin folder. It uses WMI connection for the Windows-based devices and SSH for the Linux-based devices. Ensure that the required ports are opened. Omremote commands require a Server Administrator supported operating system with the Server administrator installed. To install/update Server administrator on the remote system, you must use an operating system preinstall package.

Question: A system update task for applying a firmware update on a hard drive that is inaccessible or degraded results in an error. What can I do?

Answer: Follow the troubleshooting instructions in the "Physical Disk Failures and Rebuilds" section of the How to troubleshoot hard drive and RAID controller errors on Dell PowerEdge 12G servers Dell Knowledge Base article, and then retry the system update task.

Question: When I applied an applicable Dell Update Package (DUP) on a device running a 32-bit Linux operating system, the following message is displayed: This package does not support running on 32-bit operating systems . What could be the reason?

Answer: DUPs for Linux may include packages that are applicable for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. OpenManage Essentials displays both 64-bit and 32-bit packages as applicable packages, irrespective of the operating system of the target device. Therefore, you may notice the message while applying 64-bit Linux update packages on devices running 32-bit Linux operating systems.

Question: How do I load a Dell catalog for software update? Or What do I do when I get errors when trying to run software update tasks?


  1. Download the catalog to the OpenManage Essentials system directly or use a System Update Utility DVD in the local system drive.
  2. Browse for catalog.xml file on the local system or DVD (not on a file share, it is possible to use a file share, but for troubleshooting, do not use file share).
  3. Now, create software update tasks. If tasks fail, more information is found in the task details.
  4. Try setting all internet explorer security settings to LOW if tasks do not run.

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