Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Troubleshooting MIB Import

Issue: The MIB Import displays the following error message: Dependent MIB files need to be imported. Please import: RFC1155-SMI to the Mib Repository before continuing to import this Mib .

Cause: An MIB file may be dependent on another MIB file. While parsing a source MIB file, all the files referred by the source MIB file must be present in the reference directory or the MIB repository. The error message is displayed because the referred MIB file is missing from the reference directory.

Resolution: To resolve this issue:
  • Ensure that you have administrator privileges in OpenManage Essentials. You must launch OpenManage Essentials at least once before importing the MIB file.
  • Retrieve the missing MIB file and add the file to the reference directory. If there are multiple dependencies of the parent MIB on more than one file, import all the required MIB files, and then parse the parent MIB file.
  • NOTE: The above resolution also applies for an invalid MIB file.

Issue: Unable to parse the MIB file.

Resolution: Check the logs to see if there are any MIB compiler issues. If there are no compiler issues, compile the MIB using a standard MIB compiler and verify whether the MIB is properly defined.

Issue: Unable to import the parsed trap definitions into OpenManage Essentials after parsing the MIB file.

Resolution: See the Readme at C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\MIBImport for the list of MIB files that cannot be imported into OpenManage Essentials.

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