Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Understanding alert types

Table 1. Alert types. The following table provides information on the alert log types.




Figure 1. Normal alert iconNormal alert icon.

Normal Alerts

An event from a server or a device that describes the successful operation of a unit, such as a power supply turning on or a sensor reading returning to normal.

Figure 2. Warning alert iconWarning alert icon.

Warning Alerts

An event that is not necessarily significant, but may indicate a possible future problem, such as crossing a warning threshold.

Figure 3. Critical alert iconCritical alert icon.

Critical Alerts

A significant event that indicates actual or imminent loss of data or loss of function, such as crossing a failure threshold or a hardware failure.

Figure 4. Unknown alert iconUnknown alert icon.

Unknown Alerts

An event has occurred but there is insufficient information to classify it.

Figure 5. Information alert iconInformation alert icon.

Information Alerts

Provides information only.

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