Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Using the search drop-down list

The search bar displays a list as you type text in the search box. The items that contain the characters that you type are populated in the search drop-down list. Each item in the drop-down list includes two icons and the name of the item. The first icon indicates the item category (such as Device, Launch Wizard , and so on). The second icon indicates the state of the item (such as Normal, Critical, or Warning). Immediately after the two icons, the name of the item is displayed. Moving the mouse pointer over an item in the drop-down list, displays a tool tip. The information displayed in the tool tip varies based on the item. For example, moving the mouse pointer over a device displays the following: Name, Type, Health Status, Power Status, IP Address, Service Tag, and MAC Address. Selecting an item displayed in the tool tip performs the default action.

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