Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

VLAN Configuration Management

The VLAN Configuration tab enables you to:

  • View details of the blade server and IOA fabric interconnect such as the blade server NIC port, the associated IOA fabric port, and the VLAN IDs.
    • NOTE: Even if there is no information available for the IOAs, the fabric status is shown as data in grid and values such as Slot is empty and Firmware or Mode is not supported.
  • Assign VLAN IDs to the IOAs within the chassis.
  • NOTE: If an already discovered IOA or server is moved from one chassis to another, removed from a chassis, or swapped within the chassis, you must delete and rediscover the chassis, servers, and the corresponding IOAs. Otherwise, the VLAN configuration inventory may display duplicate or incorrect data.

Requirements for VLAN Configuration Management

  • VLAN configuration management is supported only for PowerEdge M1000e and PowerEdge FX2 or FX2s chassis.
  • The chassis and its components (blade servers and IOAs) must be discovered in OpenManage Essentials using the Guided Wizard.
  • The IOAs must be configured in Standalone, Virtual Link Trunk (VLT), or Programmable MUX (PMUX) operational mode.
  • The minimum required firmware version is as follows:
    • PowerEdge M1000e—firmware version 6.1.
    • PowerEdge FX2 or FX2s—firmware version 2.1.
    • PowerEdge M and FN IOA
      • OpenManage Essentials version 2.5 supports,,,,, and
  • NOTE: VLAN configuration management is not supported for the PowerEdge FM120x4 sleds. Only the server-chassis slot mapping is displayed in the VLAN Configuration tab for the PowerEdge FM120x4 sleds. The server name and NIC port details are not displayed in the VLAN Configuration tab for the PowerEdge FM120x4 sleds.

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