Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 1.1.0 with Microsoft Windows Admin Center User’s Guide

Hardware inventory—Supported target node components

Hardware inventories of the following target node components are displayed:
  • System
  • Firmware
  • CPUs
  • Accelerators
  • Memory
  • Storage Controllers

    To view the physical disks in a storage controller, under Related Disks, click the View Disks link. The physical disks are listed in the Physical Disks tab.

  • Storage Enclosures
  • Network Devices
  • Physical Disks

    To view the additional properties of a disk, select the disk, and then click Advanced Properties. To view the associated storage controller, click the storage controller link under Advanced Properties. The associated storage controller is displayed in the Storage Controllers tab. If physical disks are attached to the CPU, then the storage controller link will not be available under Advanced Properties.

    To blink and unblink the physical disks

    Select a physical disk, click Blink to enable the blinking of the LEDs on the physical disk. The LEDs represent the state of physical disks. When the physical disks are blinking, it helps to locate and also to identify the faulty physical disks in your data center. To disable the blinking of the physical disks, select a disk and click Unblink.

    NOTE: The blink and unblink operations are not available for:
    • Disks associated to Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem (BOSS) cards.
    • Devices with iDRAC firmware version less than Update the iDRAC firmware to the latest version to enable blink and unblink operations.
    • When the blink or unblink operation is running, Refresh button to load the latest health and hardware inventory information is disabled. Also, when the health and hardware inventory is being loaded in OMIMSWAC, blink and unblink operations is disabled.
    • Blink or unblink operation fails on physical disks that are attached to an embedded SATA controller with an error Blink/Unblibk May not be supported with - <disk_name>.
  • Power Supplies
  • Fans

To view the latest hardware inventory information, in the upper-right corner of the Inventory tab, click Refresh.

To view iDRAC details of target node, see View iDRAC details of the PowerEdge servers and nodes of HCI and Failover clusters.
NOTE: Under Inventory, the attribute values of a few target node components are displayed as blank because the value might not be available in the target node.
NOTE: Under Firmware inventory, for few network devices with multiple ports, since the applicable firmware version is same for all ports, only a single port with the firmware version will be displayed.
NOTE: Information of few attributes of storage enclosures, firmware inventory, and memory component might not be available for:
  • YX2X and YX3X models of PowerEdge servers.
  • YX4X models of PowerEdge servers with iDRAC version lesser than
NOTE: For PCIe SSD Backplane of storage enclosures, few attribute values might not be available.
NOTE: Health status information is available for Accelerators in YX4X models of PowerEdge servers and above with iDRAC version or newer.
NOTE: Intel DIMM memory is identified as IntelPersistent with an icon.

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