Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 1.1.0 with Microsoft Windows Admin Center User’s Guide

Update nodes of HCI and failover clusters

The Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) feature in OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center (OMIMSWAC) allows you to view the compliance report (BIOS, driver, firmware, and/or system management application) and update the components of nodes of HCI and failover clusters without affecting the workloads.

NOTE: The CAU feature is supported for the following platforms with valid licenses:
  • YX4X models of Dell EMC PowerEdge server and above with iDRAC firmware or newer.
  • Dell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI with iDRAC firmware or newer.
Compliance and update prerequisites

Before you generate a compliance report and update components, ensure the following:

  • Software and hardware requirements listed in the compatibility matrix of the Installation Guide are met.
  • Ensure that the cluster service is up before running the update compliance. When the cluster service is down, an update compliance report for a target node may not be generated.
  • To manage a cluster, connect to the cluster using Manage as option and provide appropriate cluster administrator credentials. And ensure that the user is part of the local user group of gateway administrators. For more information about selecting "Manage as", see the "Get Started with Windows Admin Center" section in the Microsoft documentation.
  • Ensure that inventory information for the target node has been retrieved.
  • Ensure both physical, and virtual disks are in healthy state before triggering CAU.
  • Ensure that iDRAC lockdown mode is disabled. To disable iDRAC system lockdown mode, see iDRAC documents.
  • For SAS-RAID_Driver, ensure the followings:
    • Set the SATA controller to RAID mode.
    • Set the NVMe PCIe SSDs to RAID mode.

      For more information about setting the RAID mode, see Appendix

  • Ensure that the target node is reachable using IP address, hostname, and Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the target node.
    NOTE: If the target node is not reachable, and the target node update is performed, the update status may show failed. In this case, if you reboot the target node immediately after update and rerun the compliance, the target node components status may show compliant, whereas the overall server update status may still show failed.
  • Ensure that OMIMSWAC premium licenses are installed on all cluster nodes to use the CAU feature. To verify the licensing, you can generate a compliance report to view the license installed on each node.
NOTE: It is recommended to validate the cluster before triggering CAU. For more information about validating a cluster, see Microsoft documents Validate Hardware for a cluster.
NOTE: Updating a cluster where WAC is installed on a cluster node is not recommended. To support this scenario, install the WAC on another system that is not part of the cluster and complete the update.
NOTE: While the compliance or update is in progress, it is not allowed to run any further compliance or update task for the same cluster that includes the update requests from the MS WAC Update tools.
NOTE: The CAU feature is not supported for YX2X and YX3X models of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

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