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Dell OpenManage Integration with Microsoft Windows Admin Center Version 3.0 User’s Guide

View Server Configuration Profile compliance summary

OpenManage Integration computes the compliance using the following types of Dell Server Configuration Profile policies and displays the report.
  • Dell High-Level Compatibility Check Policy—Checks for the cluster model and operating system version.
  • Dell Infrastructure LockDown Policy—Checks whether the cluster infrastructure is locked.
  • Dell HCI Hardware Configuration Policy—Checks whether cluster nodes have Dell Technologies recommended BIOS, NIC, and iDRAC configurations.

If the compliance summary is already generated, the last report is displayed with the timestamp. In this case, the Re-Check Recommendation button is enabled. You can click Re-Check Recommendation to see the latest compliance report.

The compliance summary is divided into three sections:
  • Overall Recommendation shows the overall compliance of the cluster such as compliance percentage, number of policies compliant, and the total number of policies from the displayed policy types.
  • Overall Recommendation State shows overall compliance of the cluster using a doughnut chart. The color codes in the doughnut chart indicate different compliance types. Select a color code to filter the respective policy details and its cluster nodes. For example, when you select the red color code, policies that are not compliant and its respective cluster nodes are displayed. The compliance state icons are explained below.
    • (Recommended): Shows all cluster nodes configurations are as per Dell recommended policies.
    • (Not-recommended): Shows if any cluster node configuration is not inline with Dell recommended policies. Cluster performance with Not-recommended state is not guaranteed.
    • (Unknown): Shows if any cluster node inventory could not be retrieved when the node is down or not reachable.
  • Policy Summary shows compliance state of each policy and its associated cluster node and its components.
    • Policy Name—Name of Dell policies.
    • Description—Description of Dell policies.
    • Overall Status—Overall compliance status of each policy.
    • Overall State—Shows the number of policy attributes that are compliant out of total number of policy attributes and its percentage.
    • Warnings—Shows the number of policy attributes that are not as per Dell recommendations and should be fixed.
    • Unknown—Shows if any cluster node inventory could not be retrieved when the node is down or not reachable.
    • Details—To see more information about each node, components in the node, and their compliance status, click Details.

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