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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 Installation Guide

Configure deployment mode

About this task

For any of the mentioned deployment modes, ensure that you reserve sufficient memory resources to the OMIVV appliance using reservations. See vSphere documentation for steps about reserving memory resources.

Ensure that the following system requirements for the required deployment modes are fulfilled by assigning these resources to the VM containing OMIVV:

Table 1. System requirements for deployment modesGives information about system requirements for deployment modes
Deployment modes Number of hosts Number of CPUs Memory (GB) Minimum Storage
Small Up to 250 2 8 95 GB
Medium Up to 500 4 16 95 GB
Large Up to 1,000 8 32 95 GB
X Large mode Up to 2,000 12 32 95 GB
NOTE MX chassis firmware update feature is supported only on medium, large, and extra large deployment modes.
You can select an appropriate deployment mode to scale OMIVV to match the number of nodes in your environment.

To integrate the OpenManage Mangement Pack for vRealize operations (vROPS) with OMIVV, the minimum required deployment mode is Medium.


  1. On the APPLIANCE MANAGEMENT page, scroll down to Deployment Mode.
    The configuration values of the deployment mode such as Small, Medium, Large, and X Large are displayed. By default, the mode is set to Small.
  2. To edit a deployment mode based on an environment, click Edit.
  3. In the Edit mode, ensure that the prerequisites are fulfilled and select the required deployment mode.
  4. Click Apply.
    The allocated CPU and memory are verified against the required CPU and memory for the set deployment mode.
    • If the verification fails, an error message is displayed.
    • If the verification is successful, the OMIVV appliance restarts and the deployment mode is changed after you confirm the change.
    • If the required deployment mode is already set, a message is displayed.
  5. If the deployment mode is changed, confirm the changes, and then the appliance is restarted to enable the deployment mode to be updated.


NOTE During the OMIVV appliance bootup, the allocated system resources are verified against the set deployment mode. If the allocated system resources are less than the set deployment mode, the OMIVV appliance does not boot to the login page. To boot the OMIVV appliance, turn off the OMIVV appliance, update the system resources to the existing set deployment mode, and turn on the OMIVV appliance.

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