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Dell PowerEdge R830 Owner's Manual

System Board Connectors

Figure 1. System Board Connectors
Table 1. System board connectors and descriptionsThe following table describes about the System board connectors and jumpers.
1J_P12V_PWRProcessor expansion module power connectors
2PS2PSU 2 power connector
3J_P12V_PWRProcessor expansion module power connectors
4PS1PSU 1 power connector
5IO_RISER3Riser 3 connector
6CYC_IDSystem identification button
7CYCSystem identification connector
8IDRACiDRAC8 connector
9VGA Video connector
10COM1Serial connector
11IO_RISER1Riser 1 connector
12NDCNetwork daughter card connector
13USB_REAR_2USB rear connector 2
14USB_REAR_1USB rear connector 1
15IO_RISER2Riser 2 connector
16USB_INTInternal USB connector
17SPIVUSPIVU connector
18IO_RISER1Riser 1 connector
20IDSDMInternal Dual SD Module
22BATTERYSystem battery
23SATA_CDOptical drive SATA connector
24FP_USBFront panel USB connector
25CPU2Processor socket 2
26B10, B6, B2, B9, B5, B1Memory module sockets
27B3, B7, B11, B4, B8, B12Memory module sockets
28FAN6Cooling fan connector
29FAN5Cooling fan connector
30BP SIGBackplane signal connector
31BP POWERBackplane power connector
32FAN4Cooling fan connector
33FAN3Cooling fan connector
34SATA_PWRSATA power connector
35FAN2Cooling fan connector
36CTRL PNLControl panel interface connector
37FAN1Cooling fan connector
38A10, A6, A2, A9, A5, A1Memory module sockets
39A3, A7, A11, A4, A8, A12Memory module sockets
40CPU1Processor socket 1
Figure 2. Processor expansion module connectors
This figure shows the connectors on the processor expansion module.
Table 2. Processor expansion module connectors and descriptionsThe following table describes about the Processor expansion module connectors and descriptions.
1D3. D7, D11, D4, D8, D12Memory module sockets
2CPU4Processor socket 4
3D10, D6, D2, D9, D5, D1Memory module sockets
4CPU3Processor socket 3
5C10, C6, C2, C9, C5, C1Memory module sockets
6C3, C7, C11, C4, C8, C12Memory module sockets

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