Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise-Modular Edition Version 1.00.01 for PowerEdge MX7000 Chassis User's Guide


The Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Modular (OME-Modular) application runs on the PowerEdge M9002m management module (MM) firmware. OME-Modular facilitates configuration and management of a standalone PowerEdge MX chassis or group of MX chassis using a single Graphical User Interface (GUI). You can use OME-Modular to deploy servers and update firmware. You can also manage the overall health of the chassis and the chassis components such as compute sleds, network devices, input or output modules (IOMs), and storage devices. OME-Modular also facilitates the following activities on the hardware:

  • Connectivity of management network.
  • Discovery and inventory.
  • Monitoring and power control operations and thermal functions.

You can use OME-Modular to manage key workloads on the MX7000 platforms.

  • Large and unstructured data and analytics
  • Hyper converged and traditional workloads
  • Database workloads
  • Software defined storage
  • HPC and performance workloads

The lead chassis in the Multi Chassis Management (MCM) enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Manage servers across multiple MX chassis.
  • Deploy or update servers from lead chassis without launching the member chassis web interface.
  • Manage fabric switch engines in fabric mode using the OME-Modular web interface.
  • Manage alert log and actions.
  • Manage virtual MAC/WWN identity pools.
  • Deploy compute sleds easily using server profiles and templates.

OME-Modular offers simple and static roles such as the chassis administrator, compute manager, fabric manager, storage manager, and viewer roles while, OpenManage Enterprise offers static and dynamic groups with role-based access control (RBAC).

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