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Dell OpenManage Enterprise-Modular Edition Version 2.00.00 for PowerEdge MX7000 Chassis User's Guide

Revision history

Table 1. Revision historyThe following table displays the list of revision and changes to the document.
Date Document revision Description of changes
February 2023 A04 v2.00.00-Updated for MX760c platform
January 2023 A03 v2.00.00-Updated MXG610s FOS version support
December 2022 A02 v2.00.00
  • Updated validated stack catalog version
  • Updated MXG610s FOS version support
  • Updated iDRAC version support
  • Updated IOM upgrade matrix
October 2022 A01 v2.00.00
  • Supports BIOS version 1.7.5 for MX750c
August 2022 A00 v2.00.00
  • Local RSA multifactor authentication solution
  • Secured Component Verification (SCV) for MX chassis
  • Automatic installation and renewal of TLS certificates
  • TLS 1.3 version
  • Back up or restore enhancements:
    • HTTPS share to support backup or restore
    • Periodic and scheduled backups
    • Back up option on lead dashboard under Group Configuration drop-down
    • Security SSL certificates
  • Template or profile updates without changing assigned identities
  • Sort or search options while editing template or customer request
  • Alerts when an NTP address cannot be resolved
  • Selecting one or more chassis, compute, or SAS IOM to extract troubleshooting logs simultaneously
  • Storage-NVME/TCP Network Type option when creating a VLAN
  • Minimum restriction on available data path VLANs
  • Increased VLAN scaling in Full switch and SmartFabric mode
  • Default uplink feature through OpenManage Network Integration UI
  • VLAN stacking in Full switch mode
May 2022 A01 v1.40.20
  • Added support for NVMe/TCP
March 2022 A00 v1.40.20
  • Includes Apache log4j version 2.17.1
  • Added VMware ESXi-MX Baseline validation matrix
December 2021 A00 v1.40.10
  • Supports Apache log4j patch for CVE-2021-044228, CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2021-45046
December 2021 A00 v1.40.00
  • Supports phased update order for OME-Modular 1.40.00 and later versions
  • Supports backup and restore of chassis and network IOM
  • Supports enhanced validated stack catalog creation
  • Supports SNMP v3 protocols
  • Supports adding devices to existing baseline
  • Increased VLANs
  • Displays security banner on the login page
  • Supports syncing OME-Modular firmware if there is any mismatch
  • Supports detection and display of the GPU acceleration module of Amulet Hotkey
July 2021 A02 v1.30.10
  • Support for DC PSU
  • Updates for solution baselines v1.20.00, v1.20.10, v1.30.00
  • Updates for OS10 firmware update matrix
May 2021 A01 v1.30.00—Updates for MX750c platform
April 2021 A00 v1.30.00—Updates for new features and enhancements
August 2020 A00 v1.20.10—Updates for new features and enhancements
June 2020 A00 v1.20.00—Updates for new features and enhancements
March 2020 A00 v1.10.20—Updates for new features and enhancements
November 2019 A00 v1.10.10—Updates for new features and enhancements
September 2019 A01 v1.10.00—Updates for new features and enhancements
August 2019 A00 v1.10.00—Updates for new features and enhancements
February 2019 A00 v1.00.10—Updates for new features and enhancements

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