Dell PowerEdge R330 Owner's Manual

Hard drive indicator codes

Each hard drive carrier has an activity indicator and a status indicator. The indicators provide information about the current status of the hard drive. The activity LED indicates whether hard drive is currently in use or not. The status LED indicates the power condition of the hard drive.

Figure 1. Hard drive indicators
This figure shows hard drive indicators.
  1. Hard drive activity indicator
  2. Hard drive status indicator
  3. Hard drive

NOTE: If the hard drive is in the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) mode, the status indicator (on the right side) does not turn on.

Table 1. Hard drive indicator codesThe Hard drive indicator codes table describes the indicator codes: flashing green, steady green, and amber.
Drive-status indicator pattern Condition
Flashes green twice per secondIdentifying drive or preparing for removal.
OffDrive ready for insertion or removal.

NOTE: The drive status indicator remains off until all hard drives are initialized after the system is turned on. Drives are not ready for insertion or removal during this time.

Flashes green, amber, and then turns offPredicted drive failure
Flashes amber four times per secondDrive failed
Flashes green slowlyDrive rebuilding
Steady greenDrive online
Flashes green for three seconds, amber for three seconds, and then turns off after six secondsRebuild stopped

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