Dell PowerEdge R330 Owner's Manual

Hard drives

Your system supports enterprise class hard drives. Enterprise class drives are designed for 24x7 operating environment. Selecting the correct drive class enables the critical areas of quality, functionality, performance, and reliability to be optimized for the target implementation.

Choosing the right drive type depends on the usage pattern. Due to industry advances, in some cases, the larger capacity drives have been changed to a larger sector size. The larger sector size can have impacts on operating systems and applications. For more information about these hard drives, see the 512e and 4Kn Disk Formats whitepaper and 4K Sector HDD FAQ document at

CAUTION: Before attempting to remove or install a hard drive while the system is running, see the documentation for the storage controller card to ensure that the host adapter is configured correctly to support hot swappable hard drive removal and insertion.

CAUTION: Do not turn off or restart your system while the hard drive is being formatted. Doing so can cause a hard drive failure.

Use only hard drives that have been tested and approved for use with the hard drive backplane.

When you format a hard drive, allow enough time for the formatting to be completed. Be aware that high-capacity hard drives can take a long time to format.

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