Dell PowerEdge R330 Owner's Manual

Navigation keys

The navigation keys can help you quickly access the pre-operating system management applications.

Table 1. Navigation keysThis table describes Navigation keys.
Key Description
<Page Up> Moves to the previous screen.
<Page Down> Moves to the next screen.
Up arrow Moves to the previous field.
Down arrow Moves to the next field.
<Enter> Enables you to type a value in the selected field (if applicable) or follow the link in the field.
Spacebar Expands or collapses a drop-down list, if applicable.
<Tab> Moves to the next focus area.

NOTE: This feature is applicable for the standard graphic browser only.

<Esc> Moves to the previous page until you view the main screen. Pressing <Esc> in the main screen exits System BIOS or iDRAC Settings/ Device Settings/Service Tag Settings and proceeds with system boot.
<F1> Displays the System Setup help.

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