Dell PowerEdge R330 Owner's Manual

UEFI iSCSI Settings screen details

You can use the iSCSI Settings screen to modify iSCSI device settings. The iSCSI Settings option is available only in the UEFI boot mode. BIOS does not control network settings in the BIOS boot mode. For BIOS boot mode, the option ROM of the network controller handles the network settings.

To view the UEFI ISCSI Settings screen, click System Setup Main Menu > System BIOS > Network Settings > UEFI ISCSI Settings.

The UEFI ISCSI Settings screen details are explained as follows:

ISCSI Initiator Name
Specifies the name of the iSCSI initiator (iqn format).
ISCSI Device n (n = 1 to 4)
Enables or disables the iSCSI device. When disabled, a UEFI boot option is created for the iSCSI device automatically.

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