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Dell EMC PowerEdge RAID Controller CLI Reference Guide


Drive erase commands

Table 1. ConventionsFollowing table lists the command information.
Options Description
/cx Specifies a controller where x is the controller index.
/ex Specifies an enclosure where x is the enclosure device ID.
/sx Specifies a physical drive where x is the slot number.

The PERC Command Line supports the following drive erase commands:

perccli /cx[/ex]/sx secureerase[force]
perccli /cx[/ex]/sx stop erase
perccli /cx[/ex]/sx show erase
perccli /cx[/ex]/sx start erase[simple|normal|thorough|standard|threepass|crypto][patternA=<val>][patternB=<val>]

The detailed description for each command follows.

perccli /cx[/ex]/sx secureerase [force]

This command erases the drive's security configuration and securely erases data on a drive. You can use the force option as a confirmation to erase the data on the drive and the security information.

Input example:

perccli /c0/e25/s1 secureerase

NOTE: This command deletes data on the drive and the security configuration and this data is no longer accessible. This command is used for SED drives only.

perccli /cx[/ex]/sx stop erase

Stops secure erase on non-SED drives.

perccli /cx[/ex]/sx show erase

Displays the status as percentage of secure erase completed.

perccli /cx[/ex]/sx start erase [simple| normal| thorough| standard| threepass| crypto] [patternA=<val>] [patternB=<val>]

This command securely erases non-SED drives. The drive is written with erase patterns to ensure that the data is securely erased. You can use the following options with the start erase command:

Table 2. Drive erase command optionsThis table lists and describes the Drive erase command options.
Options Value range Description
  • /cx - specifies a controller where X is the controller index
  • /ex - specifies an enclosure where X is the enclosure device ID
  • /sx - specifies a physical drive where X is the slot number

simple: Single pass, single pattern write

normal: Three pass, three pattern write

thorough: Nine pass, repeats the normal write three times.

standard: Applicable only for DFFs

threepass: Three pass, pass1 random pattern write, pass 2, 3 write zero, verify

Secure erase type
crypto Applicable only for ISE capable drives.
patternA 8-bit value Erase pattern A to overwrite the data.
patternB 8-bit value Erase pattern B to overwrite the data.

Input example:

perccli /c0/e25/s1 start erase thorough patternA=10010011 patternB=11110000

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