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Dell EMC PowerEdge RAID Controller CLI Reference Guide


Foreign configurations commands

The PERC Command Line Tool supports the following commands to view, import, and delete foreign configurations:

perccli /cx/fx|fall del|delete [ securitykey=sssssssssss ]
perccli /cx/fx|fall import [preview][ securitykey=sssssssssss ] 
perccli /cx/fx|fall show [all] [ securitykey=sssssssssss ]

NOTE: Provide the security key when importing a locked foreign configuration created in a different machine that is encrypted with a security key.

The detailed description for each command follows.

perccli /cx/fx|fall del| delete [ securitykey=sssssssssss ]

This command deletes the foreign configuration of a controller. Input the security key if the controller is secured.

Input example:

perccli /c0/fall delete

perccli /cx/fx|fall import [preview] [ securitykey=sssssssssss ]

This command imports the foreign configurations of a controller. The preview option shows a summary of the foreign configuration before importing it.

Input example:

perccli /c0/fall import

perccli /cx/fx|fall show [all][ securitykey=sssssssssss ]

This command shows the summary of the entire foreign configuration for a particular controller. The all option shows all the information of the entire foreign configuration.

NOTE: The EID:Slot column is populated for the foreign PDs that are locked.

Input example:

perccli /c0/fall show preview foreign 
perccli /c0/fall import preview 
perccli /c0/fall show all

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