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Dell EMC PowerVault MD 34XX/38XX Series Storage Arrays Administrator's Guide

Downloading physical disk firmware

CAUTION: When updating physical disk firmware, you should stop all I/O activity to the array to prevent data loss.
The physical disk firmware controls various features of the physical disk. The disk array controller (DAC) uses this type of firmware. Physical disk firmware stores information about the system configuration on an area of the physical disk called DACstore. DACstore and the physical disk firmware enable easier reconfiguration and migration of the physical disks. The physical disk firmware performs these functions:
  • The physical disk firmware records the location of the physical disk in an expansion enclosure. If you take a physical disk out of an expansion enclosure, you must insert it back into the same physical disk slot, or the physical disk firmware cannot communicate with the RAID controller module or other storage array components.
  • RAID configuration information is stored in the physical disk firmware and is used to communicate with other RAID components.
CAUTION: Risk of application errors—Downloading the firmware could cause application errors.
Keep these important guidelines in mind when you download firmware to avoid the risk of application errors:
  • Downloading firmware incorrectly could result in damage to the physical disks or loss of data. Perform downloads only under the guidance of your Technical Support representative.
  • Stop all I/O to the storage array before the download.
  • Make sure that the firmware that you download to the physical disks are compatible with the physical disks that you select.
  • Do not make any configuration changes to the storage array while downloading the firmware.
NOTE: Downloads can take several minutes to complete. During a download, the Download Physical Disk - Progress dialog is displayed. Do not attempt another operation when the Download Physical Disk - Progress dialog is displayed.

To download Physical Disk Firmware:

  1. From the AMW, select Upgrade > Physical Disk Firmware.
    The Download Physical Disk Firmware - Introduction window is displayed.
  2. Click Next.
    The Download Physical Disk Firmware - Add Package window is displayed.
  3. In the Selected Packages area, click Add. Navigate to the location of the packages, and click OK.
    The selected package is added to the Packages to be transferred area.
  4. Click Next.
    The Download Physical Disk Firmware - Select Physical Disks window is displayed.
  5. In the Compatible Physical Disks tab, select the appropriate physical disks or Select all the physical disks.
    The Confirm Download dialog is displayed.
  6. Type yes and click OK.
    The Download Physical Disk Firmware - Progress window displays the progress of physical disk firmware download.
  7. After the firmware download is complete, click Close.
For more information, see the online help topics.

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