Dell Storage Center SCv2000 and SCv2020 Storage System Getting Started Guide

Installing the Storage System in a Rack

Install the SCv2000/SCv2020 storage system and other Storage Center system components in a rack.

  • NOTE: Mount the storage system in a manner that allows for expansion in the rack and prevents the rack from becoming top‐heavy.
  1. Secure the rails that are pre-attached to both sides of the storage system chassis.
    1. Lift the locking tab on the rail.
    2. Push the rail towards the back of the chassis until it locks in place.
  2. Determine where to mount the storage system in the rack and mark the location at the front and rear of the rack.
    • NOTE: The storage system and expansion enclosures each require 2U of rack space for installation.
  3. Position the rails at the marked locations and extend the rails to fit the rack.
  4. Insert the top rail pin in the middle hole of the top 1U and insert the bottom rail pin in bottom hole of the bottom 1U.
  5. Insert a screw into the top hole of the bottom 1U and tighten the screw to secure the rail to the rack.
    Figure 1. Hole Locations in Rack Pin hole locations.
    1. Middle hole of top 1U
    2. Top hole of bottom 1U
    3. Bottom hole of bottom 1U
  6. Slide the storage system chassis onto the rails.

    Figure 2. Mount the SCv2000/SCv2020 Storage System Chassis Chassis installation in rack.
  7. Secure the storage system chassis to the rack using the mounting screws within each chassis ear.
    1. Lift the latch on each chassis ear to access the screws.
    2. Tighten the screws to secure the chassis into the rack.
    3. Close the latch on each chassis ear.
    For more information about installing the storage system , see the Dell Storage Center SCv2000/SCv2020 Storage System Deployment Guide
  8. If the Storage Center system includes expansion enclosures , mount the expansion enclosures in the rack. For more information about installing an expansion enclosure, see the Getting Started Guide included with the expansion enclosure.

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