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Dell Storage vSphere Client Plugin Version 6.0 Administrator’s Guide

Configure Live Volume Automatic Failover and Restore

You can enable Storage Center Automatic Failover and Automatic Restore from the vSphere Client Plugin on Live Volumes that meet certain criteria. When Automatic Failover is enabled, the secondary Live Volume will automatically be promoted to primary in the event of a failure. After the primary Live Volume comes back online, Automatic Restore, configured by default, restores the Live Volume relationship.


Configure a datastore Live Volume with the following attributes:
  • Synchronous
  • High Availability
  • Protected


  1. Select a datastore in the inventory for which you have configured Live Volume synchronous replication with high availability.
    The vSphere Client Plugin wizard loads information for the selected datastore.
  2. Select Actions > All Dell Storage Actions > Replication/Live Volume > Edit Settings/Convert.
    The Modify Replication or Live Volume wizard starts.
  3. Make sure the replication to modify is selected and click Next.
    The Volume Settings page opens.
  4. Verify that the volume settings are correct and click Next.
    The Snapshot Profile page opens.
  5. Verify that the correct Snapshot profile is selected and click Next.
    The Replication Options page opens.
  6. Make sure that the replication type selected is Live Volume, Synchronous - High Availability, and click Next.
    The Live Volume Options page opens.
  7. Under Live Volume Settings, select Failover Automatically. By default, Restore Automatically is also selected.
  8. Click Next.
    The Ready to Complete page opens.
  9. Click Finish to accept the configuration, and exit the wizard.

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