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SupportAssist Enterprise Version 2.0.60 Reportable Items



SupportAssist Enterprise is an application automates technical support for your Dell server, storage, and networking devices. By default, SupportAssist Enterprise collects system information periodically from each device and sends the data securely to Dell. Typically, system information is collected as follows:
  • Periodically — At regular intervals, depending on the configured collection frequency. By default, SupportAssist Enterprise is configured to collect system information from your devices once a month.
  • On case creation — When a support case is created for an issue that has been identified by SupportAssist Enterprise.
    NOTE When an issue is detected on devices with a Basic Support entitlement, SupportAssist Enterprise does not create a support case. However, system information is collected and sent to Dell.
  • Manual (on demand) — If requested by Dell Technical Support, you can initiate the collection of system information from one or more devices at any time.
NOTE If required, you can disable the periodic collection of system information for a specific device type or for all device types. For more information, see the "Configuring collection settings" section in the SupportAssist Enterprise Version 2.0.40 User's Guide at
NOTE If the security policy of your company restricts sending certain identity information outside of the company network, you can disable the collection of such data from your devices. For more information, see the "Configuring collection settings" section in the SupportAssist Enterprise Version 2.0.40 User’s Guide at
NOTE If you have disabled the collection of identity information from devices, the identity information is replaced by tokenized values in the collected data. The tokenized values are represented as TOKENn—for example, TOKEN0, TOKEN1, or TOKEN2.
The collected system information is saved in a secured database on the server where SupportAssist Enterprise is installed. Data collected from servers can be viewed by using the Configuration Viewer available in SupportAssist Enterprise. For storage, networking, and chassis devices, you can download the collected data and view it by using a web browser.

This document provides the list of attributes that may be available in the data collected by SupportAssist Enterprise from server, storage, networking, and chassis devices.

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