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SupportAssist Enterprise Version 2.0.60 Release Notes



  • The Component Details section is not displayed in the collections that are performed on servers running ESXi operating system and inventoried in SupportAssist Enterprise through the ESXi operating system IP Address.
  • SupportAssist Enterprise does not perform analytics collections on devices that have a remote collector that is assigned as their collection host.
  • The TTY log may not be collected from a server that is added in SupportAssist Enterprise with the iDRAC IP address in the following scenarios:
    • The server is not a yx2x or later generation of PowerEdge server.
    • The server does not have the minimum required iDRAC firmware version installed. For yx2x series of the PowerEdge servers, the iDRAC firmware version or later is required. For yx3x series of the PowerEdge servers, the iDRAC firmware or later is required.
    • The system only has a SATA controller or software RAID configured, but does not have a RAID controller.
    • The server was running the power-on self-test (POST) while the collection was initiated.
    • Two simultaneous collections were triggered for the same server (iDRAC).
    • A Tech Support Report (TSR) was being generated when the collection was initiated from SupportAssist Enterprise.
    • The controller has either an issue or too many logs, and is unable to export the report within the predefined time limit.
  • If SupportAssist Enterprise is installed on a server running Linux with 4 GB RAM, only five collections can be viewed simultaneously using the configuration viewer.
  • The date and time format that is displayed in SupportAssist Enterprise do not match the operating system date and time format.
  • If the calendar settings of the server where SupportAssist Enterprise is installed is changed to certain non-English formats (for example, Thailand), the Status column in SupportAssist Enterprise may display an incorrect date.
  • The Japanese help content for "Configuring email notifications" and "Configuring server settings" does not have some of the key words, and the translation help content is not equivalent to the English language content.
  • The SupportAssist Service description (Windows Service) is displayed only in English.
  • Initiating a collection from multiple SupportAssist Enterprise instances simultaneously, on the same Dell Compellent storage device is not supported.
  • Importing multiple devices by using a .csv file that is downloaded from SupportAssist Enterprise version 1.1 is not supported.
  • The error messages that are displayed in the SupportAssist Enterprise may not match with the error message in the SupportAssist Enterprise email notifications for the following error codes:

    SA-4015, SA-4020, SA-4025, SA-4030, SA-4035, SA-4040, SA-4045, SA-4050, SA-4055, SA-4065, SA-4070, SA-4071, SA-4072, SA-4073, SA-4074, SA-4075, SA-4080, SA-4085, SA-4090, SA-4095, SA-4100, SA-4105, SA-4110, SA-4115, SA-4120, SA-4125, SA-4130, SA-4135, SA-4140, SA-4145, SA-4150, SA-4155, SA-4160, SA-4165, SA-4170, SA-4175, SA-4180, SA-4185, SA-4190, SA-4500, SA-4501, SA-4502, SA-4511, SA-4512, SA-4513, SA-4514, SA-4521, SA-4522, SA-4523, SA-4524, SA-4550

  • Periodic collection runs on a device in the Staging group and the device displays an Unable to gather system information status, in the following scenario:
    • Inventory validation and periodic collection tasks that are run simultaneously
    • A device moves to the Staging group as a result of inventory validation
  • A warning message may be displayed on the Collections page or on the Section Status page of the collections report if:
    • The hardware and software components are not configured.
    • SupportAssist Enterprise is unable to collect information about the hardware and software components.

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