Dell Vostro 3670 Setup and specifications guide

POST Behavior screen options

Numlock LED
This option specifies whether the NumLock LED should be on when the system boots.
  • Enable Numlock LED: The option is enabled.
Keyboard Errors
This option option specifies whether the keyboard related errors are reported when it boots.
  • Enables Keyboard Error Detection: The option is enabled by default.
Allows you to speed up the boot process by bypassing some of the compatibility steps. The options are:
  • Minimal
  • Thorough (default)
  • Auto
Extend BIOS POST Time
This option created an additional pre-boot delay.
  • 0 seconds (default)
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds
Full Screen Logo
. This option displays full screen logo if your image match screen resolution. The option Enable Full Screen Logo is not selected by default.
Warnings and Errors
  • Prompt on Warnings and Errors (default)
  • Continue on Warnings
  • Continue on Warnings and Errors

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