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Vostro 3681 Service Manual

System diagnostic lights

Power-supply diagnostics light

Indicates the status of the power-supply in either of the two sates:

  • Off: No Power
  • On: Power is supplied.

Power button light

Table 1. Power button LED statusPower button LED status
Power button LED state System state Description
  • S4
  • S5
There is in Hibernate or Off state.
Solid White S0 Working state
Solid Amber Various sleep states or No POST
Blinking Amber/White Failure to POST

This platform relies on the Power button LED light blinking in an amber/white pattern to determine a failure as listed in the following table:


The blinking patterns consists of two numbers (representing First Group: Amber blinks, Second Group: White blinks).

  • First Group: The Power button LED light blinks Amber, 1 to 9 times followed by a short pause with LED off for a couple of seconds.
  • Second Group: The Power button LED light then blinks White, 1 to 9 times, followed by a longer pause before the next cycle starts again after a short interval.

Example: No Memory detected (2,3). Power button LED blinks 2-times in Amber followed by a pause, and then blinks 3-times in White. The Power button LED will pause for few seconds before the next cycle repeats itself again.

Table 2. Diagnostics LED codesLED light codes for component issues or failure in the product.
Diagnostic light codes Problem description
1,2 Unrecoverable SPI flash failure
2,1 CPU failure
2,2 System board failure, corrupt BIOS, ROM error
2,3 No memory/RAM detected
2,4 Memory/RAM failure
2,5 Invalid Memory installed
2,6 System board error, chipset error, clock failure, gate A20 failure, super I/O failure, keyboard controller failure
3,1 CMOS battery failure
3,2 PCIe or video card/chip failure
3,3 Recovery Image not found
3,4 Recovery Image found but invalid
3,5 Power Rail Failure
3,6 Paid SPI volume error
3,7 Intel (ME) Management Engine error
4,2 CPU power cable connection issue

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