Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Migration Guide


Add a ThinOS 8.6 device to a group in Wyse Management Suite

This section is recommended for ThinOS 8.6 users transitioning from file server configuration and imaging to Wyse Management Suite. ThinOS 9.1 does not support FTP and WDM. The file storage and device management features are replaced by Wyse Management Suite.

About this task

Adding a ThinOS 8.6 device to a group in Wyse Management Suite allows you to maintain your current INI file based configuration and file server imaging while placing their ThinOS 8.6 clients under Wyse Management Suite. The process can be accomplished as follows:


  1. On the Wyse Management Suite console, go to Groups & Configs, create a device policy group for each file server or Wyse Device Management dynamic device policy (DDC) group. Ensure that you define a unique group token value for group.
  2. For each Wyse Management Suite device policy group, select Edit Policies and select ThinOS to define policies for the ThinOS 8.6 client group. If prompted for the Wyse Management Suite configuration mode, select Advanced Configuration.
  3. From the Wyse Management Suite Advanced Device Configuration option, select Central Configuration and define the file server or path, user account, and password values for your current ThinOS 8.6 file server. Click Save & Publish and repeat the same step for each file server or Wyse Device Management DDC group. Ensure that the protocol is defined as part of your file server or path entry, or ThinOS 8.6 assumes the protocol as FTP.
  4. Replace all environmentally or locally defined client file server and Wyse Device Management information with Wyse Management Suite, MQTT Server and Group Token information. For information about how to configure Wyse Management Suite using DHCP Options, DNS Records, or manually from the ThinOS client configuration menu, see the following sections:
  5. Restart the thin client.
    The thin client performs the following tasks automatically after reboot:
    • Discovers a Wyse Management Suite server and completes check-in based on the Group Token information. This process includes receiving file server configuration information from the Wyse Management Suite group that is assigned to the ThinOS 8.6 client.
    • Checks the file server, retrieve, and apply configuration data from the wnos.ini (and supporting files), and completes any required image updates from the images on the file server.

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