Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Migration Guide


Register ThinOS devices using Wyse Device Agent

If you do not use DHCP or DNS as described in the previous section, you can configure the WDA agent from within the ThinOS GUI. This has to be configured on every thin client.


  1. From the desktop menu of the thin client, go to System Setup > Central Configuration.
    The Central Configuration window is displayed.
    NOTE Privilege must be set to High or Admin Mode must be activated to gain access to the ThinOS Central Configuration menu.
  2. Go to WDA > WMS, and enter the Group Registration Key as configured by your administrator for the wanted group.
  3. Select the Enable WMS Advanced Settings check box.
  4. In the WMS server field, enter the Wyse Management Server URL in the format https://server.domain.
    This value represents the Wyse Management Suite server from which ThinOS clients are managed and the client configurations are obtained over SSL.
  5. In the Group Registration Key field, enter the group registration key as configured by your Wyse Management Suite administrator for your group. To verify the setup, click Validate Key.
    If the key is not validated, verify the group key and Wyse Management Suite server URL which you have provided. Ensure that ports mentioned are not blocked by the network. The default ports are 443 and 1883.
    NOTE If the Group Token parameter is not specified, the device is moved to the unmanaged group or quarantine group.
    NOTE If you publish WDA settings or WMS settings policies on the Wyse Management Suite server, ensure that you specify the Group prefix, Group token field, and enable the Show Advanced Configuration option for providing the Wyse Management Suite server details. If not specified, the Wyse Management Suite Group Registration Key is cleared and the Wyse Management Suite server is changed to the default URL— on the client side.
  6. Enable or disable CA validation based on your license type. For public cloud, select the Enable CA Validation check box. For private cloud, select the Enable CA Validation check box if you have imported certificates from a well-known certificate authority into your Wyse Management Suite server.
    To enable the CA validation option in the private cloud, you must install the same self-signed certificate on the ThinOS device. If you have not installed the self-signed certificate in the ThinOS device, do not select the Enable CA Validation check box. You can install the certificate to the device by using Wyse Management Suite after registration, and then enable the CA validation option.
  7. Validate the newly added devices enrollment in Wyse Management Suite, to become manageable. You can enable the Enrollment Validation option to allow administrators to control the manual and auto registration of thin clients to a group.
    When the Enrollment Validation option is enabled, the manual or autodiscovered devices are in the Enrollment Validation Pending state on the Devices page. The tenant can select a single device or multiple devices on the Devices page and validate the enrollment. The devices are moved to the intended group after they are validated. For more information about how to validate the devices, see the Wyse Management Suite 2.0 Administrator's guide at
  8. Click OK.
    The device checks in to the Wyse Management Suite and the policy settings are applied.

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