Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Migration Guide


Upgrade ThinOS 8.6 to ThinOS 9.1

ThinOS 9.1 conversion is a two-step process that upgrades your existing ThinOS 8.6 thin client using a ThinOS policy for 8.6, and after the upgrade is complete, use a ThinOS 9.x policy to manage your ThinOS 9.1-based thin clients. Dell Technologies recommends that you upgrade to ThinOS 9.1 from ThinOS 8.6_606 or later versions.


  • The ThinOS conversion image must be added to the ThinOS firmware repository. For more information, see Add ThinOS firmware to the repository.
  • Create a group in Wyse Management Suite with a group token.
  • The thin client must be registered to Wyse Management Suite.


  1. Go to the Groups & Configs page, and select a group.
  2. From the Edit Policies drop-down menu, click ThinOS.
    The Select ThinOS Configuration Mode window is displayed.
  3. Select Advanced Configuration Mode.
  4. Go to Firmware Upgrade, and click Configure this item.
  5. Clear the Disable Live Upgrade and Verify Signature check boxes.
  6. From the Platform Type drop-down list, select the platform.
  7. From the Firmware to auto-deploy drop-down list, select the firmware added to the repository.
  8. Click Save & Publish.
    The firmware is deployed to the thin client. The conversion process takes around 10 minutes, and the thin client restarts automatically.
    NOTE The download of the ThinOS 9.1 image from Wyse Management Suite (both private and public cloud) to the thin client takes around nine minutes depending on the network bandwidth or cloud server performance. The device reboots after the ThinOS image has been downloaded. After the upgrade is complete, the device is automatically registered to Wyse Management Suite.
    NOTE Make sure that the 5070 BIOS version is 1.3.1 or later before upgrading to ThinOS 9.1. If you upgrade to ThinOS 9.1 with earlier BIOS version and then upgrade the BIOS version to 1.3.1 or later, it may fail to boot up the devices.
    NOTE You can add the ThinOS policy with ThinOS 8.6 to ThinOS 9.1.1131 base image and ThinOS 9.x policy with ThinOS 9.x operating system image in the same group. This will enable you to upgrade from ThinOS 8.6 to ThinOS 9.x or later versions directly.

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