Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Migration Guide


Wyse Management Suite Environment Automation using DHCP and DNS

ThinOS automated deployment features can be used to create environments where units can be attached to your network. It also helps in receiving the required configurations and software updates that are defined by your management software or file servers. Wyse Management Suite automated deployment of ThinOS thin client devices is achieved by configuring the following environmental information:

NOTE DHCP and DNS SRV configurations for Wyse Management Suite can only work after you reset your device to factory default settings.
Table 1. DHCP and DNS configuration for Wyse Management SuiteWyse Management Suite Configuration
Environment Definition DHCP User-Defined Option DNS Resource Record
Wyse Management Suite Server Specifies the Wyse Management Suite server. Option 165 (String) _ WMS_MGMT (SRV)
Wyse Management Suite MQTT Server (optional) Specifies the MQTT server. Option 166 (String) _ WMS_MQTT (SRV)
Wyse Management Suite CA Validation Specifies whether the CA validation is required when you import certificates into your Wyse Management Suite server. Option 167 (String) _ WMS_CAVALIDATION (Text)
Wyse Management Suite Group Token Specifies a unique key that is used by Wyse Management Suite to associate the ThinOS client to the desired Device Group Policy. Option 199 (String) _ WMS_GROUPTOKEN (Text)

It is recommended that you do not define more than one type of management or configuration delivery method. Ensure that all Wyse Device Manager (WDM) and file server configurations that are provided by DHCP or DNS are disabled when defining ThinOS Wyse Management Suite automation values.

NOTE If the Group Token parameter is not specified, the device is moved to the unmanaged group or quarantine group. This is applicable for on-premises Wyse Management Suite.

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