Vostro 5501 Setup and specifications guide

Assigning a system setup password

You can assign a new System or Admin Password only when the status is in Not Set.

To enter the system setup, press F2 immediately after a power-on or reboot.
  1. In the System BIOS or System Setup screen, select Security and press Enter.
    The Security screen is displayed.
  2. Select System/Admin Password and create a password in the Enter the new password field.
    Use the following guidelines to assign the system password:
    • A password can have up to 32 characters.
    • The password can contain the numbers 0 through 9.
    • Only lower case letters are valid, upper case letters are not allowed.
    • Only the following special characters are allowed: space, (”), (+), (,), (-), (.), (/), (;), ([), (\), (]), (`).
  3. Type the system password that you entered earlier in the Confirm new password field and click OK.
  4. Press Esc and a message prompts you to save the changes.
  5. Press Y to save the changes.
    The computer reboots.

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