Vostro 5501 Setup and specifications guide

Boot configuration

Table 1. Boot configurationThe table describes the boot configuration options.
Option Description
Boot Sequence

Allows you to change the order in which the computer attempts to find an operating system.

The options are:
  • Windows Boot Manager
  • UEFI Hard Drive
  • Onboard NIC (IPV4)
  • Onboard NIC (IPV6)
NOTE: Legacy Boot mode is not supported on this platform.
Secure Boot

Secure Boot helps ensure your system boots using only validated boot software.

Enable Secure Boot—By default, this option is disabled.

NOTE: The system has to be in UEFI boot mode to enable Enable Secure Boot.
Secure Boot Mode

Changes to the Secure Boot operation mode modifies the behavior of Secure Boot to allow evaluation of UEFI driver signatures.

The options are:
  • Deployed Mode—By default, this option is enabled.
  • Audit Mode
Expert Key Management

Allows you to enable or disable Expert Key Management.

Enable Custom Mode—By default, this option is disabled.

The Custom Mode Key Management options are:
  • PK—By default, this option is enabled.
  • KEK
  • db
  • dbx

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