Vostro 5501 Setup and specifications guide

Boot menu

Press <F12> when the Dell logo appears to initiate a one-time boot menu with a list of the valid boot devices for the system. Diagnostics and BIOS Setup options are also included in this menu. The devices listed on the boot menu depend on the bootable devices in the system. This menu is useful when you are attempting to boot to a particular device or to bring up the diagnostics for the system. Using the boot menu does not make any changes to the boot order stored in the BIOS.
The options are:
  • UEFI Boot Devices:
    • Windows Boot Manager
    • UEFI Hard Drive
    • Onboard NIC (IPV4)
    • Onboard NIC (IPV6)
  • Pre-Boot Tasks:
    • BIOS Setup
    • Diagnostics
    • BIOS Update
    • SupportAssist OS Recovery
    • BIOS Flash Update - Remote
    • Device Configuration

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