Vostro 5501 Setup and specifications guide

Boot Sequence

Boot sequence enables you to bypass the System Setup–defined boot device order and boot directly to a specific device (for example: optical drive or hard drive). During the Power-on Self-Test (POST), when the Dell logo appears, you can:
  • Access System Setup by pressing F2 key
  • Bring up the one-time boot menu by pressing F12 key.

The one-time boot menu displays the devices that you can boot from including the diagnostic option. The boot menu options are:

  • Removable Drive (if available)
  • STXXXX Drive
    NOTE: XXXX denotes the SATA drive number.
  • Optical Drive (if available)
  • SATA Hard Drive (if available)
  • Diagnostics
    NOTE: Choosing Diagnostics, displays the SupportAssist diagnostics screen.

The boot sequence screen also displays the option to access the System Setup screen.

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