Dell Vostro 3490 Service Manual

Maintenance screen

Service Tag
Displays the Service Tag of your computer.
Asset Tag
Allows you to create a system asset tag if an asset tag is not already set. This option is not set by default.
BIOS Downgrade
This controls flashing of the system firmware to previous revisions. Option 'Allow BIOS downgrade' is enabled by default.
Data Wipe
This field allows users to erase the data securely from all internal storage devices. Option 'Wipe on Next boot' is not enabled by default. The following is list of devices affected:
  • Internal SATA HDD/SSD
  • Internal M.2 SATA SDD
  • Internal M.2 PCIe SSD
  • Internal eMMC
BIOS Recovery
This field allows you to recover from certain corrupted BIOS conditions from a recover file on the user primary hard drive or an external USB key.
  • BIOS Recovery from Hard Drive—enabled by default
  • Always perform integrity check—disabled by default

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