Dell Vostro 3490 Service Manual

POST behavior

Adapter Warnings
Allows you to enable or disable the system setup (BIOS) warning messages when you use certain power adapters.

Default setting: Enable Adapter Warnings

Numlock Enable
Allows you to enable the Numlock option when the computer boots.

Enable Network. This option is enabled by default.

Fn Lock Options
Allows you to let hot key combinations Fn + Esc toggle the primary behavior of F1–F12, between their standard and secondary functions. If you disable this option, you cannot toggle dynamically the primary behavior of these keys. The available options are:
  • Fn Lock—enabled by default
  • Lock Mode Disable/Standard—enabled by default
  • Lock Mode Enable/Secondary
Allows you to speed up the boot process by bypassing some of the compatibility steps. The options are:
  • Minimal—enabled by default
  • Thorough
  • Auto
Extended BIOS POST Time
Allows you to create an extra preboot delay. The options are:
  • 0 seconds—enabled by default.
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds
Full Screen Log
  • Enable Full Screen Logo—not enabled
Warnings and errors
  • Prompt on warnings and errors—enabled by default
  • Continue on warnings
  • Continue on warnings and errors
Sign of Life Indication
  • Enable Sign of Life Keyboard Backlight Indication—enabled by default

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