Dell Vostro 3490 Service Manual

Transporting sensitive components

When transporting ESD sensitive components such as replacement parts or parts to be returned to Dell, it is critical to place these parts in anti-static bags for safe transport.

Lifting equipment

Adhere to the following guidelines when lifting heavy weight equipment:

CAUTION: : Do not lift greater than 50 pounds. Always obtain additional resources or use a mechanical lifting device.

  1. Get a firm balanced footing. Keep your feet apart for a stable base, and point your toes out.
  2. Tighten stomach muscles. Abdominal muscles support your spine when you lift, offsetting the force of the load.
  3. Lift with your legs, not your back.
  4. Keep the load close. The closer it is to your spine, the less force it exerts on your back.
  5. Keep your back upright, whether lifting or setting down the load. Do not add the weight of your body to the load. Avoid twisting your body and back.
  6. Follow the same techniques in reverse to set the load down.

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