Dell Latitude E7240 Owner's Manual

Deleting or Changing an Existing System and/or Setup Password

Ensure that the Password Status is Unlocked (in the System Setup) before attempting to delete or change the existing System and/or Setup password. You cannot delete or change an existing System or Setup password, if the Password Status is Locked.
To enter the System Setup, press <F2> immediately after a power-on or reboot.
  1. In the System BIOS or System Setup screen, select System Security and press <Enter>. The System Security screen is displayed.
  2. In the System Security screen, verify that Password Status is Unlocked.
  3. Select System Password, alter or delete the existing system password and press <Enter> or <Tab>.
  4. Select Setup Password, alter or delete the existing setup password and press <Enter> or <Tab>.
    • NOTE: If you change the System and/or Setup password, re-enter the new password when promoted. If you delete the System and/or Setup password, confirm the deletion when promoted.
  5. Press <Esc> and a message prompts you to save the changes.
  6. Press <Y> to save the changes and exit from the System Setup. The computer reboots.


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