Dell Latitude E7240 Owner's Manual

Navigation Keys

The following table displays the system setup navigation keys.
  • NOTE: For most of the system setup options, changes that you make are recorded but do not take effect until you re-start the system.
Table 1. Navigation Keys
Keys Navigation
Up arrow Moves to the previous field.
Down arrow Moves to the next field.
<Enter> Allows you to select a value in the selected field (if applicable) or follow the link in the field.
Spacebar Expands or collapses a drop‐down list, if applicable.
<Tab> Moves to the next focus area.
  • NOTE: For the standard graphics browser only.
<Esc> Moves to the previous page till you view the main screen. Pressing <Esc> in the main screen displays a message that prompts you to save any unsaved changes and restarts the system.
<F1> Displays the System Setup help file.


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