Dell Latitude E7240 Owner's Manual

Removing the Coin-Cell Battery

  1. Follow the procedures in Before Working Inside Your Computer .
  2. Remove:
    1. SD card
    2. battery
    3. base cover
    4. keyboard trim
    5. keyboard
    6. palmrest
  3. Remove the screw that secures the coin-cell battery to the system board.
  4. Perform the following steps as shown in the illustration:
    1. Lift the latch that secures I/O cable to the computer [1].
    2. Disconnect the I/O cable from the system board [2].
  5. Disconnect the coin-cell battery cable from the system board. Unroute the cables from the slot and remove the coin-cell battery from the computer.
    Figure displays removal of coin cell from the system board and removal.


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