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    • Accelerate cloud migration with Dell Technologies

    • The rise of Multicloud architecture has created significant challenges for cloud migration. With the ability to deploy workloads to the optimal public, private or edge cloud resource, enterprises can realize big benefits in application efficiency and cost savings. But migrating workloads to the cloud or between clouds can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming endeavor, adding considerable cost and complexity that mitigates many of the benefits of cloud computing services.

      Dell Technologies Cloud offers a solution – a suite of cloud infrastructure solutions powered by Dell Technologies that dramatically simplifies and accelerates cloud migration. With Dell Technologies, enterprises can reduce the cost and complexity of cloud migration, deploying and managing workloads with ease across public, private and edge cloud resources.

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    • The challenge of cloud migration

    • As the cloud has evolved for more than 10 years, a great diversity of elastic cloud services has enabled enterprises to adopt business cloud solutions that are ideal for running specific workloads. By aligning the requirements of a workload with the needs of the business and the offerings of a certain cloud platform, IT teams can significantly increase performance while reducing costs.

      In addition to public cloud services, more enterprises are deploying workloads to private cloud infrastructure and to edge locations. Private clouds provide greater levels of security and control, while the decentralized processing of cloud edge computing can help to reduce costs and enable low-latency experiences on edge devices.

      While all of these cloud resources individually offer tremendous benefits, the task of managing them and migrating workloads between clouds has become onerous. Each platform has its own set of tools and processes, requiring administrators to toggle between management frameworks. And with no consistent management infrastructure, cloud migration can take months, adversely impacting productivity and hindering innovation.

      What’s needed is a solution that lets IT teams determine where a workload is best deployed by identifying cloud the best workloads for each cloud, and to easily migrate workloads between them using a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure. That’s why, when seeking to implement a true hybrid cloud infrastructure that simplifies cloud migration, more enterprises today choose solutions from Dell Technologies.

    • Simplify management with Dell Technologies Cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud provides cloud infrastructure solutions that offer a consistent operating model and simplified management across private clouds, public clouds and edge locations. By unifying management of all cloud infrastructure on a single operational hub, Dell Technologies Cloud significantly minimizes the complexity of cloud migration to reduce costs, increase productivity, accelerate innovation and deliver more compelling customer experiences.

      Dell Technologies Cloud includes:

      • VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail, a turnkey platform that includes an HCI appliance, a management and orchestration tool and full stack integration. The Dell Technologies Cloud Platform provides everything IT teams need to run, manage, migrate, automate and secure their application portfolios across multiple clouds.
      • Validated Designs, a collection of best-of-breed Dell Technologies storage, compute and networking solutions, integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation and delivered as pre-tested infrastructure with extensive deployment guidance. Validated Designs enables IT teams to build hybrid cloud infrastructure with independent scaling of storage and compute.
      • Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS), providing on-premises IaaS capabilities at core data center and edge locations, delivered as a fully managed, subscription-based service.
      • Partner clouds, a simple way to extend hybrid clouds to the public cloud, with support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more than 4,200 additional cloud partners.

    • Simplify cloud migration. Optimize TCO. Accelerate innovation.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud provides a host of benefits for IT teams as they manage workloads across multiple clouds.

      • Simplify cloud migration. Using familiar tools and models enables IT teams to reduce risk, increase efficiency and accelerate cloud migration.
      • Optimize TCO. By taking advantage of flexible hybrid pricing models, IT teams can secure lower and more predictable costs by choosing the optimal mix of public, private and edge cloud resources.
      • Accelerate innovation. Taking advantage of elastic capacity, enterprises can rapidly scale up and down to access the right resources at the right time for faster speed to market.
      • Increase security. A single security framework across all cloud infrastructure enables IT teams to uniformly enforce security policies and minimize attack surfaces.
      • Streamline management. Working with a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure across cloud environments, IT teams can eliminate silos, drive efficiency and support workload and application mobility for easier cloud migration.

    • Comprehensive cloud solutions from Dell Technologies

    • In addition to solutions for managing hybrid cloud environments, Dell Technologies provides:

      • Cloud-enabled infrastructure. Dell Technologies offers a wide range of infrastructure that enables enterprises to put the cloud to work right away, adding value to operations and reaping the benefits of their cloud investment. Cloud-connected systems provide storage and protection for data as it moves to and from the public cloud. Cloud data services provide storage and protection services within the public cloud. Solutions for cloud data insights proactively monitor, manage infrastructure and data with intelligent cloud-based analytics.
      • Data Protection for cloud, hybrid cloud and Multicloud environments. Dell Technologies Data Protection solutions help enterprises transform their data centers to deliver greater scalability, resiliency and operational efficiency throughout their entire cloud infrastructure. Dell Technologies offers data protection solutions for public cloud protection, long-term retention, hybrid cloud integration and cloud disaster recovery.

    • FAQs: What is Cloud migration?

    • What is Cloud migration?

      Cloud migration is the process of moving workloads from on-premises infrastructure to Cloud environments, or moving workloads between one Cloud environment to another. 

      What are the challenges of Cloud migration?

      Moving workloads between public, private and edge Clouds can be costly, time-consuming and risky. The major challenge of Cloud migration is the difficulty that IT teams experience when working with Cloud resources that have drastically different management frameworks, tools, SLAs and security issues. Without a consistent infrastructure between Clouds, the task of Cloud migration can take much longer and place the organization at greater risk. 

      How does Dell Technologies Cloud accelerate Cloud migration?

      Dell Technologies Cloud simplifies Cloud migration by providing IT teams with a consistent management experience and familiar tools, creating efficiencies and increasing comfort with tasks and reducing errors.

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