• Cloud Solutions

    • Eliminate cloud chaos with consistent hybrid cloud solutions

    • Enterprises today have embraced the cloud wholeheartedly, and many deploy workloads across multiple public, private and edge cloud platforms. While this multi-cloud architecture enables enterprises to use best-of-breed solutions for each workload, it also creates a great deal of chaos and complexity. The lack of consistency across cloud solutions results in unpredictable costs, multiple management tools, inconsistent security posture and incompatible silos of infrastructure. 

      Dell Technologies solves the multi-cloud complexity with solutions that simplify operations and improve cloud economics through a consistent management experience across all clouds. With Dell Technologies Cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of single-vendor support along with the control and versatility of a fully integrated cloud platform.

      • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

        Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) powers the industry's fastest hybrid cloud deployment, with full integration with VMware Cloud Foundation.

      • Dell Technologies Cloud Overview

        Dell Technologies Cloud enables consistent cloud management across all major public, private, and hybrid clouds with a single vendor experience.

      • Cloud Use Cases – cloud migration and apps

        Dell Technologies Cloud can help modernize your data center, unify hybrid cloud operations, build modern cloud apps, and scale or migrate cloud workloads.

    • The challenge of managing multiple cloud solutions

    • The cloud has become an integral part of enterprise IT, providing enormous benefits along with significant challenges. To address the needs of specific cloud workloads, enterprises have adopted multiple platforms – public, private and edge – to manage business-critical and next-generation workloads while fulfilling strategic objectives for digital transformation. 

      This multi-cloud infrastructure, however, has created new layers of complexity for IT teams. Individual cloud solutions come with their own set of tools, governance needs, security protocols and resource virtualizations. Inconsistent and disconnected processes, platforms and tools across platforms result in additional burden on IT teams and an increased total cost of ownership (TCO) for the enterprise. The added complexity creates new silos of operation and negatively impacts the pace of innovation.

      To control this cloud chaos, enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud solutions that provide consistent infrastructure and operations across all public, private and edge cloud platforms. With a superior and consistent hybrid cloud platform, enterprises can realize the benefits of cloud at scale, while minimizing management requirements and reducing TCO.

    • Hybrid cloud solutions from Dell Technologies

    • The Dell Technologies Cloud – powered by VMware – provides consistent operation of cloud services and consistent infrastructure virtualization, delivering a hybrid cloud platform that spans private, public, and edge cloud deployment options. With hybrid cloud solutions from Dell, you can choose the right cloud for each application, relying on a single hub to eliminate operational silos.

      The Dell Technologies Cloud provides:

      • Consistent infrastructure to simplify workload migrations and avoid application rework tax
      • Consistent operations with tools that deliver consistent control over multi-cloud deployments to reduce costs up to 52%
      • Consistent services with flexible consumption-based pricing and help to plan and execute cloud strategy

    • Cloud solutions for a multi-cloud infrastructure

    • Dell Technologies Cloud provides a suite of cloud solutions built on the expertise of VMware and Dell to deliver consistent and easier management across all public clouds, private clouds and edge locations.

      Our cloud portfolio includes:

      • A turnkey platform. VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail is the only jointly engineered HCI system that is deeply integrated with VCF, providing automated lifecycle management to streamline operations and reduce TCO by up to 47%. Our hybrid cloud platform offers a complete portfolio of cloud storage and data protection solutions along with deployment, consulting and financial services, allowing you to manage, automate and secure your entire application portfolio across multiple clouds.
      • Validated Designs. Our Validated Designs provide best-of-breed Dell Technologies infrastructure that is interoperable with VCF and delivered as pre-tested designs with deployment guidance. We help organizations meet the varied demands of workloads by building their own hybrid cloud infrastructure with independent scaling of compute and storage.
      • Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS). Offering a fully managed DCaaS solution, we enable enterprises to accelerate innovation by delivering the simplicity and agility of the public cloud to the data center. Robust on-premises IaaS capabilities at core data center and edge locations combine the speed and flexibility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.
      • Partner clouds. Dell Technologies Cloud solutions provide a seamless hybrid cloud experience that is extended to Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services (AWS) and more than 4,200 cloud partners.

    • Advantages of Dell Technologies Cloud

    • Cloud solutions from Dell Technologies provide a simplified and consistent approach to managing multi-cloud environments. With Dell Technologies Cloud, you can:

      • Streamline infrastructure and operations. Dell Technologies Cloud solutions offer consistency in operations and infrastructure to drive efficiency and agility while supporting workload/application mobility.
      • Accelerate innovation with simplified migration. Reduce risk, minimize TCO and get up and running quickly with pre-engineered solutions.
      • Optimize TCO. Eliminate unpredictable costs with flexible hybrid consumption and pricing models.
      • Ensure performance and availability by aligning IT skill sets. Provide IT teams with a familiar operating model and toolset to increase productivity and reduce performance issues. 
      • Enhance security in all IT environments. Enforce consistent cloud security policies across all environments, minimizing your attack surface while maintaining proper visibility and control over applications and data.

    • FAQs: What are hybrid cloud solutions?

    • What are hybrid cloud solutions?

      A hybrid cloud is a solution that combines public, private and edge cloud technology, enabling enterprises to have more flexibility to choose the ideal cloud for each workload.  

      What is Dell Technologies Cloud?

      Dell Technologies cloud is a suite of Cloud solutions that combines the expertise of Dell Technologies and VMware to provide a more consistent operating model and easier management across all cloud platforms. 

      What are the challenges of managing multi-cloud environments?

      Multi-cloud infrastructure comprising public, private and edge platforms increases the amount of fragmentation within an organization’s IT infrastructure. Multi-cloud strategies require IT teams to manage disconnected processes, platforms and tools, increasing the cost and complexity of managing cloud infrastructure while limiting innovation. 

    • Dell Technologies Data Center-as-a-Service

      Dell Technologies Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) provides the speed and flexibility of public cloud with the security and control of a private cloud.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs

      Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs bring cloud capabilities to demanding workloads, driving improved performance, faster time to value, and cloud investment protection.

    • Cloud Storage Services

      Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services combine cost effective scalable and resilient data storage with native public clouds.