DevOps Services

Automate platform provisioning and use continuous delivery techniques to improve software development processes.

Your business requires fast response to market demands. You cannot wait for a quarterly software maintenance release or for new features to be added with the next product release to support customer requirements. But traditional IT is not architected to support the agility required to meet these market demands. You need to eliminate the bottleneck of sequential development which consists of an iterative process including design, coding, system test, load test and user acceptance test leading up to deployment.

To move beyond this infinite loop of costly delays, you will need to transform the way you develop software. Thanks to a set of techniques and processes called “Continuous Delivery”, it is possible to rapidly deliver software and make it available to users quickly while maintaining a high level of quality.

How do you transform your IT organization to move to a continuous delivery model? The key building blocks are:

  • Continuous Integration where developers check-in code frequently and a new software build is created
  • Extending Continuous Integration to automated deployment
  • Multiple releases in the pipeline
  • Infrastructure As Code; a single script file is run to provision and to bring an environment into a known state
  • Minimal differences between test and production
  • Zero down-time releases

DevOps Services guide you on the path to transforming your Software Development Lifecycle. Use a proven methodology from Dell EMC consultants to improve your application development and deployment to break down organizational silos, automate software testing, streamline software release management and drive agility into the software development lifecycle.