Multi-Cloud Services

Build a multi-cloud platform to broker IT services from private and public clouds.

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy enables IT to leverage and optimize a range of cloud services based on business and technology requirements. The IT environment can be deployed across multiple public clouds as well as private clouds. This enables a new way to build, operate and consume IT services and deliver an experience that drives innovation and growth.

Dell EMC Services accelerates time to value for your multi-cloud environment by leveraging our deep knowledge across Dell Technologies. From strategy and planning, to design and implementation, to management and governance, Dell EMC Services has the expertise to help your enterprise consume cloud-based services in a clear, governed and secure way.

We support a holistic approach to cloud transformation that addresses infrastructure, operating model and applications. We can assess your environment to help you understand your current state, and create a future-state vision. We use the current state and target state information to develop a transformation strategy and roadmap that is actionable and relevant to your business. And we can forecast the cost savings and benefits to arm you with the information you need to help justify the transformation.

Whether you're looking to move to IaaS or PaaS, Dell EMC Services can rapidly implement and integrate the cloud platforms and underlying Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged infrastructure into your environment. We can tailor and customize the cloud platforms to meet your goals. We can also modernize and migrate your existing applications to the target cloud platforms.

With our support and managed services, Dell EMC can maximize ongoing operational efficiency of your platforms and ensure well run operations.

Dell EMC Services, coupled with Dell EMC cloud platforms, rapidly delivers an integrated, robust multi-cloud environment, freeing you to focus on driving IT and business innovation.