Dell Precision Towers & Desktop Workstations

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Precision R3930 Fixed Workstation
precision 7920 rack
Precision 3630 Desktop
Precision 5820 Tower
Precision 3930 Rack
An exceptionally powerful 1U rack workstation featuring secure remote access, impressive affordability and workstation-class performance.
Precision 7920 Rack
The Precision 7920 Rack delivers a higher level of secure remote access with ultimate workstation performance.
Precision 3630 Tower
Harness the power of workstation performance, VR content creation and reliability in an affordable, smaller yet expandable tower design.
Precision 5820 Tower
Expand your ideas with the Precision 5820 Tower. Featuring high performance in a new innovative, versatile compact design.
Precision 7820 Desktop Workstation
Precision 7920 Tower
Precision 3431 Fixed Workstation
Precision 7820 Tower
Push your ideas beyond boundaries with the Precision 7820 Tower. Featuring a dual-socket architecture for maximum performance in a compact design.
Precision 7920 Tower
Dell’s most powerful workstation, the Precision 7920 Tower, provides ultimate performance and scalability to grow alongside your vision for even VR and AI applications.
Precision 3431 Desktop Workstation
Extreme performance is more accessible than ever with this tower workstation featuring increased reliability and enhanced memory.