Intel® Xeon™


PowerEdge M-Series Blade Interconnects
Managed Campus Switches
Modular Chassis Switches
Data Center Switches

Transforming your Dell M1000e blade server enclosure and maximizing connectivity with a variety of 10/40GbE, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand interconnects.

Access and aggregation switching for bringing users efficient connection to the network.

High-performance, resilient architectures and versatile platforms for next-generation mid-size data centers and enterprise campus networks.

High performance data center fabrics.

Smart Managed Switches
Fibre Channel SAN Switches
Networking HPC Switches

Smaller networks or remote/branch offices with limited IT staff.

Optimising your storage area network (SAN) and maximising throughput with high-performance Fibre Channel SAN switches.

Building small to large clusters using low-latency, high-throughput 100Gbps+ technologies.