VMware vRealize Suite

Intel® Xeon™

Purpose-built hybrid cloud management

VMware vRealize Suite is a cloud management platform for complex hybrid environments.

VMware vRealize Suite


Unified management
VMware vRealize Suite lets you standardize and automate resource delivery across your hybrid cloud environment with a unified management experience and intelligent operations.

Business agility, IT control
With VMware vRealize Suite, businesses get the agility and speed needed to maintain the competitive advantage. At the same time, IT gets the control and efficiency needed to manage uptime, performance, compliance and cost of infrastructure and applications.

Cost transparency
Align spending with bottom-line priorities with transparent infrastructure and application service cost and quality.

Unified management
Provision and manage IT services across private and public clouds with a consistent management experience.

One call for service and support
With Dell ProSupport for Software for VMware products, you have a single source of contact for 24x7 technical support.
Which edition is right for you?
VMware offers three vRealize Suite editions that provide different functionality at different price points, making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet your specific requirements and use cases.

Standard Edition: Supports Intelligent Operations Management use case for companies looking to improve application performance and availability via predictive analytics and smart alerts.
Advanced Edition: Supports Automated IT to IAAS use case for companies who need to accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure services by automating delivery and ongoing management.
Enterprise Edition: Supports DevOps-Ready IT use case for companies with DevOps initiatives who are looking to automate the delivery and management of full application stacks.

Legend: I – Included Features, N – Not Available

VMware vRealize Suite
vRealize Operations Advanced : SDDC Monitoring for Hybrid CloudsIII
Log Insight : Log AnalysisIII
vRealize Business for Cloud Standard : Cloud Compare, CostingIII
vRealize Automation Advanced: Infrastructure AutomationNII
vRealize Automation Enterprise: Application AutomationNNI
vRealize Operations: Application MonitoringNNI

The following features are included in all VMware vRealize Suite editions:
  • Self-service portal with unified services catalog and API functionality
  • Infrastructure Services – Multi-vendor, multi-cloud Infrastructure provisioning and management
  • Governance – entitlement, approvals, reclamation, showback
  • Custom Services – Design, and automated delivery of Custom IT services
  • Customizable Dashboards – health monitoring, predictive analytics and Smart Alerts
  • Capacity Management – metering, right-sizing, modeling, what-if scenarios and capacity model-driven analytics
  • Application awareness – discovery, dependency mapping
  • vSphere hardening, change and configuration management
  • High performance Log Analytics
  • Storage Analytics – Deep visibility into storage infrastructure topology, stats, and events across HBAs, fabric, and arrays.
  • Monitoring of OS Resources (CPU, Disk, Memory, Network)
  • Infrastructure Usage metering, Costing, Pricing, Showback and reporting
  • Infrastructure Benchmarks and Performance Management
  • Infrastructure Business Planning
  • IT Financial Management: Strategy, Budgeting and Planning
  • IT Financial Management: Accounting & Cost Allocation


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