FC4 傳輸模組產品詳細資料

Intel® 酷睿™ 處理器

專為 Dell M 系列刀鋒設計的 FC4 傳輸模組

將 M 系列刀鋒整合至您選擇的光纖通道基礎架構。

FC4 傳輸模組



  • 所有連接埠上都具有 16 倍速、基於業界標準的銅質與光學 SFP 收發器 (16 個到刀鋒的內接口和 16 條到 SAN 的外接上行鏈路)自動交涉 4/2/1 Gbps 的連結速度
    連接埠和系統狀態 LED 指示燈
    每個連接埠上的狀態 LED:連結狀態指示燈
    系統狀態 LED:系統狀態指示燈、電源指示燈
    每個 M1000e 刀鋒機箱可以支援最多 4 台刀鋒交換器


  • 可以與任何外接 SAN 基礎建設進行整合


  • 每秒 4 Gb 線路速度,並可與每秒 2 和 1 Gb 線路速度回溯相容


  • 本模組不受管理 - 所有管理都必須透過 HBA 韌體或外接交換器


  • 機櫃

    寬:272.75 公釐
    高:32.48 公釐
    深:307.24 公釐


The FC4 pass-through module provides investment protection for data centers with pre-existing networking infrastructures by providing a direct connection between the servers and the storage area network (SAN) without you worrying about interoperability issues.The module provides up to sixteen 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel connections with 1:1, non-switched connections between the server blade and the SAN. The module is hot-swappable and provides for high-availability failover when deployed in pairs within the server chassis.


Here are some of the FC4 pass-through module's features:

  • Each port provides a dedicated connection for guaranteed bandwidth to each server port
  • The pass-through, with 16 external ports in a single blade, provides the highest port density available in Dell's connectivity options
  • Hot-plug capability and redundancy provide true high-availability for 24/7 data center operation
  • Unmanaged design speed deployment is simple — eliminates configuration hassles
  • Connection between SAN and server is transparent — eliminates interoperability issues with transparent, pass-through protocol
  • Form-factor is compact and ultra-dense
  • 4, 2 or 1 Gb/s Fibre Channel connectivity on each port to match existing server and SAN installation
  • FC4 pass-through module can be installed in pairs for redundancy and high availability
  • FC4 pass-through module has full-duplex bandwidth of up to 256 Gb/s

Alternative Fibre Channel Options for Dell Blades

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