Dell PowerVault DL2100:Powered by Symantec Backup Exec

intel® xeon™

簡化的「磁碟至磁碟至磁帶」 資料備份與回復

Dell PowerVault DL2000 – Powered by Symantec Backup Exec








  • 原廠安裝作業系統

    Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008,Standard Edition,x64


  • 超值系列:6GB


  • 超值系列:1 X Intel® Xeon® E5520,2.26Ghz,8M 快取記憶體
    效能最佳化:2 X Intel® Xeon® E5520,2.26Ghz,8M 快取記憶體


  • 磁帶連線能力
    SAS 5/E HBA
    U320 SCSI HBA
    光纖通道 HBA:Emulex 或 QLogicHBA


    PowerVault TL2000 和 TL4000 精簡型磁帶庫
    PowerVault ML6000 模組化磁帶庫

    PowerVault 124T 自動載入機


  • Energy Smart:2 個熱插拔高效 570W 供電裝置,或 2 個熱插拔高輸出 870W 供電裝置


  • Up to 144TB of usable space (180TB of raw disks)

    Optional Expansion with SAN:
    Support for MD3000i, CX Arrays or EQL PS Arrays


  • 2 台 250GB 7200 RPM SATA II 磁碟機,採用硬體 RAID 1 組態,適用於作業系統及應用程式
    最多 4X500GB,或 1TB 或 2TB SATA II 磁碟機,採用硬體 RAID 5 組態,適用於資料。

    選購 MD1000 擴充容量

    1 個 PERC 6E RAID 控制器,可連接 6 組 MD1000 機櫃 (共 90 部磁碟機)。 可加購一張 PERC 卡,增加連接 6 組 MD1000 機櫃 (共 180 部磁碟機)

    選購 MD1000 最高可用容量

    可用空間最高可達 144TB (原始磁碟空間 180TB)

    選購 SAN 擴充容量:

    支援 MD3000i、CX 陣列或 EQL PS 陣列。


    薄型光碟機托架,可選擇 DVD-ROM、Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM,或 DVD + RW


  • 插槽

    2 個 PCIe x8 + 2 個 PCIe x4 G2 或 1 個 x16 + 2 個 x4 G2


    ECC 記憶體
    單一裝置資料修正 (SDDC)


    Matrox G200


    DL2100 (主要伺服器):

    高度:8.64 公分 (3.40 吋)
    寬度:44.31 公分 (17.44 吋)
    深度:68.07 公分 (26.80 吋)
    重量 (最大組態):26.1 公斤 (57.54 磅)




    採用一般組態的 2.5 吋機箱,環境溫度為攝氏 23 ± 2 度
    閒置:LwA-UL = 5.3 貝耳,LpAm = 39 調整分貝 (dBA)


    4 柱式機架:

    19 吋 EIA-310-E 支援免工具安裝,能容納方孔或圓孔四柱式機架,包括所有 Dell 42xx 和 24xx 機架
    注意:螺紋 4 柱式機架需要使用固定式 ReadyRails™ 套件,或協力廠商的轉換套件,可透過 Dell 軟體及周邊設備取得
    支援使用選購的接線管理機臂 (CMA)
    導軌深度 (不含 CMA):751 公釐
    導軌深度 (含 CMA):840 公釐
    方孔機架調整範圍:692 至 756 公釐
    圓孔機架調整範圍:678 至 749 公釐

    4 柱式或 2 柱式機架:固定式 ReadyRails,適

    19 吋 EIA-310-E 支援免工具安裝,能容納方孔或圓孔四柱式機架,包括所有 Dell 42xx 和 24xx 機架
    19 吋 EIA-310-E 支援工具安裝,可容納螺紋孔 4 柱式及 2 柱式機架
    導軌深度:608 公釐
    方孔機架調整範圍:588 至 828 公釐
    圓孔機架調整範圍:574 至 821 公釐
    螺紋孔機架調整範圍:592 至 846 公釐


  • PowerVault DL2100:Powered by Symantec Backup Exec™ 共有四種選項: 

    Backup Exec 2010 DL Edition:
    內含原廠安裝的 Backup Exec Media Server (包括 Continuous Protection Server 授權與連線至單一磁帶機),以及 2 個 Windows File Server Agents 的備份授權。本產品隨附 1 年或 3 年的軟體維護服務。

    Backup Exec 2010 DL Edition (含重複資料刪除功能):
     內含原廠安裝的 Backup Exec Media Server (包括 Continuous Protection Server 授權與連線至單一磁帶機),以及 2 個 Windows File Server Agents 的備份授權。本產品隨附 1 年或 3 年的軟體維護服務。


    BE 2010 Windows Server Agents: 內含 2 個 Windows 檔案伺服器的備份授權。
    BE 2010 Linux/Unix Server Agents: 內含 2 個 Linux/Unix 檔案伺服器的備份授權。
    BE 2010 Email Protection Agents: 內含 2 個電子郵件 (Exchange 或 Lotus Domino) 伺服器的備份授權。
    BE 2010 Database Agents: 內含 2 個資料庫 (SQL、Oracle、Sharepoint 及 Active Directory) 伺服器的備份授權。
    BE 2010 Virtual Agents: 內含 2 個虛擬伺服器 (Vmware 及/或 HyperV) 的備份授權。每個實體伺服器只需要一個代理程式 (Agent),並可在實體伺服器支援無限數量的虛擬伺服器。
    BE 2010 Archiving Agents: 內含 1 個檔案伺服器或電子郵件伺服器的封存授權 (最多 50 個額外信箱)。
    BE 2010 Library Expansion Option: 內含新增 2 個額外磁帶庫至媒體伺服器的授權。
    BE 2010 Advanced Database Option: 內含保護進階資料庫 (Oracle RAC 或 SAP) 的授權
    BE 2010 Central Management Addon Pack: 內含 Central Admin Server Option 的授權 (本功能可集中管理多個 DL 媒體伺服器)


  • Optional Expansion with MD1000:

    1 X PERC 6E RAID Controller for connecting 6 MD1000 Enclosures (i.e. a total of 90 Drives). One additional PERC card available for purchase – to connect 6 additional MD1000 enclosures (for a total of 180 Drives)

RAID 控制器

  • PERC 6/E 配備 512MB 電池供電快取記憶體 (用於連線至 MD1000)
    SAS 6/iR (僅限內接)


Start Protecting Data 5 Times Faster

Start Protecting Data 5 Times Faster

Simpler and Faster to Set Up and Manage
The Dell™ PowerVault™ DL2100 powered by Symantec® Backup Exec™ (part of the Dell TierDisk family of products) is the industry's first and only integrated solution for faster disk-based backups and recoveries that lets you start protecting your data in just 18 minutes.

Dell has simplified the backup process by offering the only integrated hardware, software and services solution powered by Symantec Backup Exec. The PowerVault DL2100 comes factory-installed with Symantec Backup Exec software and a unique wizard driven set up and management utility. The backup software comes with integrated automated dynamic disk provisioning that configures and sets up the disks for immediate use. Set it up, configure storage, add more disks —it only takes a few clicks.

Integrated Tape Support
The PowerVault DL2100 is available with the Dell PowerVault TL2000, TL4000, or ML6000 tape library integrated into the full solution. Take advantage of backup-to-disk for quick availability, then transfer to tape from the same management console for offsite disaster recovery.
Faster, More Reliable Backup

Faster, More Reliable Backup

Managing backups with tape can be complex and time-consuming. Backups to tape often exceed their backup window, and tape-based backups can be prone to failure.

Disk-based backup with the PowerVault DL2100 – Powered by Symantec are up 55% faster than tape and restores are up to 50% faster.

Better Than VTL
Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) are ”point products” that can help fix backup and recovery bottlenecks in the short term. But they are separate components that create silos of information and add management complexity. Virtual tapes have to be created, provisioned, and managed from a separate interface, and VTL products lack alerting and reporting within the backup solution. The PowerVault DL2100 is a native, disk-to-disk solution that eliminates the need for manual setup and management. It automatically and dynamically provisions disks, invisibly to the user, and gives you proactive monitoring, alerts and reporting.
Remote Backup, Management, Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote Backup, Management, Monitoring and Maintenance

Your data centre administrators can use the PowerVault DL2100 to backup data from remote offices to the data centre. Administrators can setup backup tasks and policies and do system monitoring and maintenance from a central location. This makes the PowerVault DL2100 the ideal backup solution for remote offices that do not have IT experts on site.

Granular Recovery Technology for Speedy Restores
With Symantec Backup Exec’s patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) for critical Microsoft® applications, including Exchange, SharePoint (MOSS), and Active Directory your administrator can recover granular objects from a single-pass backup by simply browsing and selecting it. GRT lets you recover specific items such as public folders and individual mailboxes — even individual e-mails, attachments, and calendar items — all without a time-consuming full restore.
Continuous Data Protection for Exchange and File

Continuous Data Protection for Exchange and File

The PowerVault DL2100 – Powered by Symantec Backup Exec continuously protects Microsoft Exchange and file data by backing up changes to the disk in real time as they occur. Not only does this improve the overall level of data protection, it also reduces administrative complexity because it eliminates the need for full, incremental, or differential backups for Exchange data.

Protection for Desktops and Laptops
Backup Exec’s Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) lets users automatically protect and sync multiple desktops and laptops via a network share. DLO lets users choose continuous, scheduled, or manual backups and provides an intuitive interface that lets users access their most up-to-date data whether they are in the office or on the road.
Protection for VMware Virtual Machines

Protection for VMware Virtual Machines

Managing backups on virtual machines can be difficult and expensive due to licensing requirements. The PowerVault DL2100 – Powered by Symantec Backup Exec incorporates award-winning technology for virtual machine protection. The Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure includes protection for an unlimited number of guests on an individual ESX host. In addition, Backup Exec leverages several VMware technologies including VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) that make backing up and restoring virtual machines faster and easier.
擁有正確的備份解決方案,是保護重要資訊的關鍵; 擁有正確的支援也是一樣。Dell™ ProSupport™ 是全球一致而且以客戶為導向的支援服務組合,為各種規模的企業提供靈活、可靠又方便的支援解決方案。

Dell ProSupport 的入門服務模式為 IT 專用的 Dell ProSupport,適合像您一樣的 IT 專業人士使用。IT 專用的 Dell ProSupport 提供:

  • 24 小時全年無休,皆可直接連絡 Dell 專家中心
  • Dell 認證技術人員的快速出貨派遣服務
  • 透過 Dell 全球指揮中心進行問題上報/升級管理

接下來,Dell ProSupport 選項會配合您使用技術的方式 — 快速回應您的需求,保護投資、產能及機密資料,並提供更先進的主動支援服務,減少管理基礎架構的風險與複雜性。

關鍵任務*:可提供必要的優先順序回應支援,避免意外停機並加速回復時間,是伺服器與儲存環境的最佳選擇。本套裝服務包括 4 小時優先現場 服務或是選購的 2 小時回應與 6 小時硬體修復服務、Dell 深獲肯定的緊急狀況處理程序,以及緊急派遣服務。
  • 專屬服務交付管理員 (Service Delivery Manager)
  • 效能評定與自訂報告
  • 規劃與評估


遠端建議選項:您可利用電話及網際網路,獲得各種專業應用程式及解決方案的技術專業知識,例如 Microsoft® Exchange、虛擬化技術以及其他各種程式。


非必要應用程式環境的理想選擇。本服務於營業時間提供硬體相關問題的電話支援 (僅限硬體問題),並於完成電話故障診斷後提供次營業日現場服務。

Dell 教育服務
透過 Dell 教育服務所提供的儲存訓練,縮短您的停機時間、提升使用率,同時確保業務連續不中斷。可讓您自訂進度的線上訓練課程可協助儲存系統管理員著手管理 PowerVault MD 儲存環境。


Dell 透過完整的儲存訓練課程提供專業知識,協助您在現有的 IT 基礎架構中使用 Dell 儲存裝置。如果您有意取得驗證或保有各項技能以符合公司規範,Dell 可提供您經認證的網路儲存網路專業認證路徑 (Network Storage Networking Professional Certification path)。

要維持儲存解決方案持續運作,從一開始您就應該於每項程序進行時確保可用性、安全性及穩定性。Dell 可提供備份及回復解決方案,確實執行適當的程序以減少或避免資料遺失的風險。