PowerVault DL2200 備份至磁碟設備 (Powered by CommVault)

intel® xeon™


刪除來源及目標的重複資料 適合中小企業使用的備份至磁碟解決方案,提供整合磁帶支援功能,並支援 Windows 與 Linux 應用程式

Dell PowerVault DL2200 備份至磁碟設備 – Powered by CommVault



PowerVault DL2200 備份至磁碟設備




PowerVault DL2200 Backup to Disk Appliance - Powered by CommVault Protect your data

Protect your data

Help simplify the backup process while helping to lower your total cost of ownership with the Dell PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault integrated hardware, software and services solution. Shipped with factory-installed CommVault Simpana® software and a wizard-driven setup and management utility, the PowerVault DL Appliance enables you to set up and configure your storage space for immediate use, or even add more disks, in just a few mouse clicks.

Integrated tape support

The PowerVault DL Appliance is available with the Dell PowerVault TL2000, TL4000, or ML6000 tape library integrated into the full solution. Take advantage of backup-to-disk for quick availability, then transfer to tape from the same management console for offsite disaster protection.
PowerVault DL2200 Backup to Disk Appliance - Powered by CommVault Built-in data deduplication reduces storage by up to 95%

Built-in data deduplication reduces storage by up to 95%*

The Dell PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance powered by CommVault with Simpana® 9 delivers end-to-end integrated source and target deduplication. This can save you bandwidth and with deduplication throughput rates that can reach 4.5TB per hour, you can significantly reduce your backup windows.*

Even in this era of massive data growth, the PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault helps you optimize your storage capacity by limiting duplicate storage blocks. Source-side deduplication also helps eliminate redundant backup data.

Starting at the client, deduplication is designed to extend from the enterprise to the client, then on to the disk and the tape through a single solution. The new global deduplication capability can leverage a common deduplication database with multiple data-management policies, each with its own retention settings.

Fast, reliable backups

Disk-based backup with the PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault is fast and reliable, enabling you to restore with confidence. Tape-based backups, on the other hand, can be complex and time-consuming, in addition to being prone to failure and often exceeding their backup windows.

Normally, recurrent full backups can take a toll on server I/O (input/output) and slow down user applications. The PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault removes that performance burden by continually backing up smaller incremental changes from production servers and merging them with unchanged data to create a synthetic full backup copy. Commvault’s patented Smart Client technology reduces the incremental backup time by tracking all files that have changed.

When a storage policy copy is deduplicated, creating the primary (full) and secondary (aux) backups can be accelerated by identifying and transferring the data signatures (instead of the data itself) to the target wherever possible. This saves network operation and administration time when performing backup, recovery and disaster-recovery procedures.
PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance – Powered by CommVault: Distributed branch-office protection

Distributed branch-office protection

Enable efficient replication of deduplicated backups by pairing two PowerVault DL Appliances powered by CommVault devices across geographically distributed sites. Managed from a central site, each remote appliance helps provide rapid data recovery at the branch office while an identical copy is produced at your disaster recovery site to protect your data for restores or tape backup.

Simplifying administration and data management

The PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault has graphic dashboards that enhance visibility and ease backup management, showing you how much capacity is being used and providing warnings as you near defined thresholds. The new enhanced reporting feature highlights health checks, data protection, media management, billing charge-back, capacity planning and service-level agreement (SLA) performance.

Automated discovery can find new clients on the domain and significantly reduce the time it takes to bring on new servers or implement new modules or agents. This automation also enables quick-and-easy installation of update or upgrade packages to all identified systems within that domain.
PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance: CommVault SnapProtect Enabler: end-to-end, snapshot-aware data protection

CommVault SnapProtect supports virtual environments

Code EqualLogic™ SAN snapshot management controls directly into the data protection agents with CommVault's patent-pending SnapProtect™ enabler. This enables you to create a point-in-time snapshot of the VM to use in various data-protection operations. SnapProtect works in conjunction with hardware snapshot engines and backs up hundreds of VMs running key business applications to meet your backup windows.

You can further reduce your administrative cycles by using predefined policies to automatically discover and protect VMs.

Reduce primary storage use with file and email archiving agents

Archiving server data helps control your data growth, resulting in smaller backups and faster recoveries. The PowerVault DL Appliance powered by CommVault includes file, email and SharePoint. Archiver software that moves infrequently accessed data from production servers and archives it for unified backup and data protection. End users and applications, however, retain normal access to the archived items at all times.

PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance powered by CommVault is available in both a Standard Edition and an Advanced Deduplication Edition, each coming with five File System Agents and options for additional agents.


  • 原廠安裝作業系統

    Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2,Standard Edition,x64


  • Value 系列:12GB


  • 超值系列:1 X Intel® Xeon® E5620,2.4Ghz,12MB 快取記憶體
    效能最佳化:2 X Intel® Xeon® E560,2.4Ghz,12MB 快取記憶體


    Emulex HBA
    QLogic HBA

    PowerVault TL2000 及 TL4000 磁帶庫
    PowerVault ML6000 磁帶庫

    PowerVault 124T 自動載入機


  • Energy Smart:2 個熱插拔高效 750W 供電裝置


  • 選購 MD1200 最高可用容量
    最高 464TB 可用空間 (使用 3TB 硬碟)

    選購 SAN 擴充容量:
    支援 MD3000i、AX4-5 光纖通道陣列或 EQL PS 系列陣列


  • 內接
    2 台 500GB* Near Line SAS 硬碟機,採用硬體 RAID 1 組態,適用於作業系統及應用程式
    6 或 12 台 500GB* 或 2TB* 或 3TB* Near Line 硬碟機,採用硬體 RAID 5 或 RAID 6 組態,適用於資料


  • 2U 機架式機箱
    3.42 H x 17.53 W x 26.17 D (吋),含擋板
    86.7 H x 445.2 W x 664.6 D (公釐),含擋板


    ECC 記憶體
    單一裝置資料修正 (SDDC)


    滑動式 ReadyRails™ 適用於 4 柱式機架:
    ReadyRails™ 滑動式導軌適用於 4 柱式機架,支援使用選購的接線管理機臂,或是 ReadyRails™ 固定式導軌適用於 4 柱式及 2 柱式機架

    固定式 ReadyRails™ 適用於 4 柱式及 2 柱式機架:
    19 吋 EIA-310-E 支援免工具安裝,可容納方孔或無螺紋圓孔4 柱式機架,包括所有 Dell 42xx 和 24xx 機架
    19 吋 EIA-310-E 支援工具安裝,可容納螺紋孔 4 柱式及 2 柱式機架
    導軌深度:608 公釐
    方孔機架調整範圍:588 至 828 公釐
    圓孔機架調整範圍:574 至 821 公釐
    螺紋孔機架調整範圍:592 至 846 公釐


  • DL2200 備份至磁碟設備 (由 CommVault® 支援) 提供兩種版本的隨附套件:
    標準版:包括 CommServe Master Server、MediaAgent 及 5 個檔案系統代理程式
    進階版本 (重複資料刪除):包括 CommServe Master Server、MediaAgent、5 個檔案系統代理程式,以及檔案和電子郵件重複資料刪除

    檔案系統或 Active Directory 代理程式:保護伺服器的檔案系統與系統狀態,並針對 Active Directory 提供精細保護。
    虛擬機器代理程式:保護虛擬伺服器的檔案系統狀態 (VMWare 及 Microsoft Virtual Server)
    連續資料複製:提供位元組層級的非同步主機複製功能 (每部伺服器皆需要一個代理程式,複製至 PowerVault DL2200 設備)
    檔案封存軟體:移除不常存取的 Windows、Linux 或 Netware 檔案,以減少在主要儲存裝置佔用的空間。封存後會留下虛設常式,必要時可用於取回檔案。
    電子郵件封存軟體:移除不常存取的電子郵件訊息 (包含附件),以減少在主要儲存裝置佔用的空間。封存後會留下虛設常式,必要時可用於取回電子郵件或附件。


  • 薄型光碟機托架,可選擇 DVD-ROM、Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM,或 DVD + RW


  • 光纖通道 HBA

    Emulex LPE 11002 雙通道 4Gb,光學,主機匯流排配接卡,PCIe
    Emulex LPE 1150,4Gb,光學,主機匯流排配接卡,PCIe
    Emulex LPE 12000 雙通道 8Gb,光學,主機匯流排配接卡,PCIe
    Emulex LPE 12002 雙通道 8Gb,光學,主機匯流排配接卡,PCIe
    Qlogic QLE220 FC4 HBA,
    Qlogic 2460 4GB 光纖通道 HBA,PCI-E 卡
    Qlogic 2462 雙通道 4GB 光纖通道 HBA PCI-E 卡
    Qlogic 2560 單通道 8Gb 光纖通道 HBA PCIe
    Qlogic 2562 雙通道 8Gb 光纖通道 HBA PCIe


  • 選購 MD1200 擴充容量

    1XH800 最多可連接 8 組 MD1200 機櫃 (亦即共 96 台磁碟機)。可加購一張 H800 卡,增加連接 8 組 MD1200 機櫃 (共 192 台磁碟機)


擁有正確的備份解決方案,是保護重要資訊的關鍵; 擁有正確的支援也是一樣。Dell™ ProSupport™ 是全球一致而且以客戶為導向的支援服務組合,為各種規模的企業提供靈活、可靠又方便的支援解決方案。

Dell ProSupport 的入門服務模式為 IT 專用的 Dell ProSupport,適合像您一樣的 IT 專業人士使用。IT 專用的 Dell ProSupport 提供:

  • 24 小時全年無休,皆可直接連絡 Dell 專家中心
  • Dell 認證技術人員的快速出貨派遣服務
  • 透過 Dell 全球指揮中心進行問題上報/升級管理

接下來,Dell ProSupport 選項會配合您使用技術的方式 — 快速回應您的需求,保護投資、產能及機密資料,並提供更先進的主動支援服務,減少管理基礎架構的風險與複雜性。

關鍵任務*:可提供必要的優先順序回應支援,避免意外停機並加速回復時間,是伺服器與儲存環境的最佳選擇。本套裝服務包括 4 小時優先現場 服務或是選購的 2 小時回應與 6 小時硬體修復服務、Dell 深獲肯定的緊急狀況處理程序,以及緊急派遣服務。
  • 專屬服務交付管理員 (Service Delivery Manager)
  • 效能評定與自訂報告
  • 規劃與評估


遠端建議選項:您可利用電話及網際網路,獲得各種專業應用程式及解決方案的技術專業知識,例如 Microsoft® Exchange、虛擬化技術以及其他各種程式。


非必要應用程式環境的理想選擇。本服務於營業時間提供硬體相關問題的電話支援 (僅限硬體問題),並於完成電話故障診斷後提供次營業日現場服務。

Dell 教育服務
透過 Dell 教育服務所提供的儲存訓練,縮短您的停機時間、提升使用率,同時確保業務連續不中斷。可讓您自訂進度的線上訓練課程可協助儲存系統管理員著手管理 PowerVault MD 儲存環境。


Dell 透過完整的儲存訓練課程提供專業知識,協助您在現有的 IT 基礎架構中使用 Dell 儲存裝置。如果您有意取得驗證或保有各項技能以符合公司規範,Dell 可提供您經認證的網路儲存網路專業認證路徑 (Network Storage Networking Professional Certification path)。

要維持儲存解決方案持續運作,從一開始您就應該於每項程序進行時確保可用性、安全性及穩定性。Dell 可提供備份及回復解決方案,確實執行適當的程序以減少或避免資料遺失的風險。